Check out our corresponding Vlog here!

One of our key differences is the fact I (Rita) love to write and Holly Jo… does not.

And while I was involved in video work in high school and have owned a video camera since age 17, I prefer being behind the camera, not in front. Jo is a natural on-screen.

And that is exactly why our Little Sexy Mamas venture works out!

While I will be the key author of this blog, she will be the key producer of our vlog.

Sometimes our posts will coincide, detail, or piggyback each other.

Sometimes they may be completely different.

Every so often, we’ll actually find ourselves at the same place (and not completely over our heads chasing kiddos) and we may surprise you with a joint video or post.

But seriously, don’t hold your breath… You’ll be lucky to see one of those once a quarter.

We expect our following to be similar… Some may prefer reading and some may prefer watching and listening. However you choose to follow along with us, though, we appreciate your support!

Check out our corresponding Vlog here!