Two mamas who have been best friends our entire lives…

Seriously… We are cousins 10 months apart in age, so we literally DO NOT know life without each other. We grew up five minutes apart in the middle of nowhere (translation: we were our only friends–aside from our siblings and cousins).


Jo moved a county away before high school, but we remained close only to find ourselves attending the same college, Bellarmine University, by chance.

We lived together for a short time in our post-college years, only to find ourselves engaged and married within a year of each other and then we had our first babies–both daughters–within a matter of hours of each other. (Even though neither of us intended to get pregnant at that time to begin with!)


Raised the same, our morals and foundation keep us the same at heart, but our interests vary and we live fairly different lives. I’m a country girl, back to my roots in the Central Kentucky knobs. Jo is thriving in the city of Lexington, Ky. She knows all things fashion and style and is out and about in the trendiest places doing everything from horses to basketball. I tend to nestle down in my sweats rocking my mom-bun and working from my computer and finding new ways to spread good health to others.


We both are happily married to our dream-husbands with two kiddos. We couldn’t be more alike and different at the same time and that’s what keeps us close.

We hope our b/v-logs bring you some sense of peace, joy, comfort, humor or whatever your life needs. Tell us what you want to hear about and we’ll be happy to talk about it. Thanks for tuning in!


For Rita’s individual adventures, check out my personal blog here.


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