Friday Fall Fashion Dreaming

This is coming a day late, I know, but it’s Friday night, and while I am a SAHM, I am also a WAHM, meaning my nights are spent working. I take Friday nights off. Tonight the hubs is gone and it’s just me. I had a GREAT day of just being home with the kids and now I’m winding down with a Netflix binge and I thought I’d dream-shop online. I LOVE fall-wear and this year it’s not about what I can and can’t afford (although, always a factor), but it’s more about my still-growing third-trimester belly and the fact fall will be nearing it’s end when preggo-body is gone. So my “dream shopping” is what I’d be looking to wear if I wasn’t pregnant.

As you may realize at this point, I’m a pretty casual dresser. Part of that is lifestyle (living away from EVERYONE, being a SAHM), but it’s also just my style. I like trendy but comfortable, particularly when it comes to warm-wear. This year, aside from a few baby/wedding showers, we don’t have any weddings or formal events, so I’m not even thinking that direction. But I do love sweaters. SO cozy. Hoodies have had my love since I knew fashion was a thing.


Tunic Hoodie | Paneled Tunic | Duster Cardigan

Dressing it up a little more, without going to an extreme, I am loving some lace and floral and I’d definitely add some booties to my closet. (Not that a baby belly prevents shoe-shopping…)


Print Blouse | V-Neck Tunic | Lace Top | Booties

The reality is, plain-jane shirts are more  than likely my daily attire around here, but it doesn’t hurt to feel cute while chasing crazy kids, right? I especially love the “Blessed” sweatshirt. The “Game Day” shirt can be customized to be any city you wish.


Flowy V-Neck | Game Day | Blessed Pullover | Dolman Top

I also love to accessorize–but for me it’s not so much on jewelry. Don’t get me wrong, I love some bling, but I’m better at choosing my own accessories that are functional and letting someone (like my blog-partner Jo) choose my sparkle. Boots, vests, scarves, hats: things that keep me warm and can also dress up an outfit are up my alley. Take a plain white tee and jeans and add any of the above and you’ve got something totally new.


Utility Vest | Beanie | Infinity Scarf | Boot Cuff | Slouchy Boots

I will note one item I am loving for fall that actually could work for my preggo-self and soon-to-be nursing self, are the flowy wraps and cardigans. These can be used to dress-up or down just about anything.


Kimono | Button Wrap Cardigan | Stripe Cardigan

I know I didn’t include any dresses or pants on this list. I think I am so stuck on cozy leggings and harlem pants that I didn’t go there with pants and with no weddings, I don’t have dresses on my mind either. (And honestly, once it gets too cold, I steer clear of dresses.) I would LOVE for you to share your fall inspiration. Leave a comment and share links!



2 thoughts on “Friday Fall Fashion Dreaming

  1. Aileen

    Fall is my favorite time of year to get dressed. I’m getting excited to bust out my boots and scarves… my go to accessories for freshening up the same old clothes. I need to start some shopping of my own as my going on two years of dressing a bump or for nursing is coming to an end. Can’t wait to get dressed for just myself again!


    1. Oh my goodness–YES! That has been my life for 3 1/2 years now!! My ‘real’ wardrobe is completely outdated! I haven’t shopped with complete freedom since 2012! Thank goodness scarves and boots work even with pregnancy and breastfeeding!


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