10 Things Tuesday: Bruschetta Chicken, Covergirl Eyeshadow, Dolly Parton & Aldi

1. Oops!
Apologies for a lack of Tuesday posts lately! I don’t think anyone can fault us when we say, “Summer is crazy busy!” and as the days of summer wind down, we’ve just been in the madness of regular life, vacation, garden produce and more. Either way, know the blog is not forgotten!

2. Obligatory Post about Olympics
For the first time since moving into our house I’m frustrated to not have regular television. I simply use Netflix for my TV-fix, but now that the Olympics are airing I hate it! I never realized how much I actually did tune in until now. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always known I liked the Olympics, but I didn’t realize not being able to have them on non-stop would be so frustrating! I always find it so interesting how swimming and gymnastics are two of the most popular events to watch during the Games but the three years in between they get little to no air-time. -Rita
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3. Dolly in Danville
Daddy Daughter Date!!!! Dolly Parton Concert in Danville, KY!!!! Dolly recently came to the Norton Center for the Arts to perform. SJ went on a date with her daddy and they had an absolute blast. Always stay tuned to events happening at the Norton Center–amazing talent comes fairly frequently. Check out there 2016-2017 season line-up. The single sale tickets begin next Monday.
@hhellyer01 • Instagram photos and videos 2016-08-16 10-02-07

4. CoverGirl TruNaked Eyeshadow Palette Review & 1st Impression
This CoverGirl TruNaked Eyeshadow Palette is definitely one of the best drugstore palettes I have ever used. I love the colors as well as the shimmer and matte combination. Thank you Marnie Goldberg for the recommendation. If you have never watched one of her videos, you need to! The link to her channel is below. -Holly Jo

5. July Vlog Follow-up
It took me an extra week to post and then an extra week and a half to share on here, but I did get a short vlog up with the second half of July’s activity. We have finally poured the slab for our future garage and we also had a great weekend with all of the kids’ cousins for Summer Hurray Day. -Rita

6. Bruschetta Chicken
Tomatoes are plentiful in our garden right now. I feel obligated to utilize as much fresh tomato with basil as possible during this window of time each year. I decided to look up a recipe for bruschetta chicken last week (because it used to be one of my menu favorites from Applebees). This one is really easy and tasty. (Of course, I add extra garlic!) -Rita
Bruschetta Chicken close

7. Dollar Tree
Do you have a Dollar Tree near you and do you shop there? I’m telling you, it’s a GREAT story to hit up for random shopping. It truly is a DOLLAR store where everything is a dollar. We hit ours up just before vacation for some extra beach gear, activity books and more. It has some great back-to-school supplies for students, teachers, and parents. Stock up on cards and party supplies. You can probably even get a lot of your season craft and decor items here for cheaper than many places.

8. Aldi Organics
Speaking of stores to hit up. I frequently let myself forget about Aldi. I stopped in today and was so grateful for doing so. Their organic selection is crazy and what’s even wilder is the cost difference between it and the bigger grocery stores. (In my case, Walmart and Kroger.) For example, I got organic baby food puree pouches at a cheaper price than the non-organics at the other stores! Not to mention my organic milk, fruit, yogurt, coconut oil–the list goes on! -Rita
cdn1.moneysavingmom.com Screen-Shot-2013-01-15-at-2.29.36-PM

9. Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!
Guess who has a birthday this weekend?? Last time my birthday fell on a Saturday was five years ago–three pregnancies ago and pre-marriage. Obviously pre-thirties! We celebrated two of my closest friends’ wedding in 2011. What fun! This year I am mainly excited that it is in fact on a weekend, meaning hubs will be around. What do my fellow moms like to do to make their birthdays special? -Rita
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10. Jacob’s 18 Month Check-up
Speaking of milestones–Jake’s 18 month ‘birthday’ was last week so we had his well-baby check-up at the doctor today. All is good–as expected. His height and weight are matching up in the 30th percentile while his head is still in the 80th. Both kids were ecstatic to be in the room with the firetruck! -Rita
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