10 Things Tuesday: July Vlog, L’Oreal Foundation, Cobbler Recipe, & Popsicles

1. July… So Far!
It’s been a busy month, and as to not make my vlog too extremely long (and so you aren’t so far behind on my happenings) I published a vlog of the first half of July. Complete with a trip to the zoo, a wedding, garden preserving, new kittens, berry picking, 4th of July fun and more! -Rita

2. Back to School
Although it’s not something I actively partake in, I am well aware that many people’s focus is shifting to back-to-school mode–which seems absurd when we are are hardly halfway through July! I actually am feeling the pressure of “end of summer” in many ways because the people to see and things to do that suddenly end because of the schedule change. Even though my schedule as SAHM keeps me flexible, finding windows of time that work for other people to spend time together is a real challenge! If your “summer” is ending soon due to school, what are the final things on your to-do list? -Rita

There are a plethora of babies that have been born in my life since May–almost all boys! Unfortunately, I have not met most of them. (See above regarding busy summer schedules!) Last week I finally met Mr. Oscar (already two months!) and Mr. Daxton (only 2 weeks!). I love seeing my kiddos with other babies! -Rita

4. L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation
I am always trying to find a drugstore foundation that I love! I like one that has a yellow undertone, lasts all day, covers my redness and doesn’t settle into lines or pores. After wearing all day I found the L’Oreal Pro Glow Foundation to be quite impressive and it did not disappoint. -Holly Jo

5. Easy Cobbler Recipe
With berries plentiful in our fields (and at a low price in the stores) this cobbler recipe is a great go-to for me. It is simple (and I can swap ingredients to make it Mingus-friendly). This is for blackberries in particular, but I’ve used it for other berries as well. Also, I mix it in the pan to make it that much simpler. -Rita
bettycrocker.com 813191ae-9b4a-4a07-b6fc-2745d795eaf0

6. Healthy Popsicles
The kids are loving some refreshing popsicle treats this summer and I’m grateful for the molds where you make them yourself. The kind we have include a straw at the bottom to easily sip out the melting juice. I also love that I can choose what kind of popsicle they have–like using an all natural juice instead of a sugar and dye filled popsicle. The molds can be found numerous places for purchase. -Rita
amazon.com 413Sr3Nr9YL

7. Blues, Brews & BBQ Festival
This weekend at Water Tower Park in Louisville is the Four Roses Bourbon Blues, Brews & BBQ Festival. Check out the full schedule of music, events and food happening on the website and check it out if you don’t have other plans! -Rita
louisvillebluesandbbqfestival.com stack

8. No more Daniel Tiger??
Who else is devastated (maybe more than their kids??) that Daniel Tiger is no longer available on Netflix? It’s not just that my kids actually like it, but I loved it for them. Jacob is just getting to the age Dorothy was when it truly started to engage her. Netflix does have a new original series, Word Party, that is a similar style show for similar ages, but it is about learning words rather than feelings and how you work with others. What other shows on Netflix do you love for your toddlers? -Rita

9. BVI Vacay!
HJ went on a sans-kids getaway to the British Virgin Islands. Be sure to tune into her next vlog to hear all about it!
@hhellyer01 • Instagram photos and videos 2016-07-19 12-53-21

10. Travel Tips?
Many people have already had their big summer vacation trip… Ours is a week and a half away. Although I’ve already learned a lot of tips and tricks about long road trips with toddlers, I’m always open to new and additional ideas. If you traveled recently, what were the big wins or fails on your trip? Any suggestions on things to have in the car, activities to bring? I am also brain storming some things to have in our condo for the week to entertain kids while we are having down time. Leave your advice in the comments! -Rita


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