Review: Hosting an Usborne Books & More Online Event

If you have a Facebook account, no doubt a friend has invited you to some form of online sales “party”. I know I’ve gotten a million invites and I’ve helped with or participated in many Juice Plus+ events. This past I hosted an event for Usborne Books & More, a product I was familiar with but do not sell myself. These are my thoughts on hosting one of these and the books themselves. 13645364_10204783992918073_4876258167235028944_n

Thoughts on the Usborne Books & More products

Why check out these books? Working with someone directly on recommendations and learning about the books is great when there is a world of books out there. Here are some things I have come to love about Usborne after spending more time looking at the options and building a wish list.

1. Watching the Usborne videos is very beneficial

Whether you are live at an event or not, the videos are very helpful in understanding these books, especially some of the interactive ones. Additionally, it is worth searching YouTube for specific books you are interested in, as there tend to be video previews of many of them. Many of the shopping pages themselves do not have pictures of pages inside the books, but you can easily find these on YouTube.

2. Fair to Good Pricing on Books

If you ever shop books, you can easily see that the books you are getting are a great price. Even the very interactive books. Probably the worst part about buying from or hosting an online event is that you can physically see and feel and flip through books. (Or maybe it is good, because doing so would make buying them all irresistible!) Having kids of my own, I can vouch for easily accumulating too many toys, but books are something always of value and what I consider a quality gift.

3. The Interactive Book selection is great

Sticker books, wipe-clean books, busy books… The list goes on and on for the books Usborne offers that are much more than just standard pages if you want something that has more of a ‘toy’ or ‘game’ feel to it. Their lift-the-flap and touchy-feely books are even top of the line compared to many other options out there.

Thoughts on Hosting An Usborne Books & More Party

Despite the fact my consultant had trouble with her live stream at the event and then the website malfunctioned right as the party came to a close (meaning no one could shop!), the event was a huge success in my eyes. Here are a few reasons I think I had such luck.

1. Listen to the expert (the consultant)

Through my own experience in direct marketing with Juice Plus+, I know and can respect that there is a proven method how to do things. If you follow the process taught and used by those who have succeeded, you will succeed too. It’s easy to feel your own ideas will work better because you are “different”, but I know better. The work I have done over the past 8 years has also taught me that as unique as things can be, there are methods for success that work for everything. Because of this, I followed my consultant’s directions for hosting the party–all of which were very simple. This resulted in fantastic pre-party participation, great party attendance and wonderful sales (despite some technological difficulties!)

2. Personalize your invitations

Although, this is likely a part of #1, because my consultant told me to send personal messages to those I invited, I want to reiterate this step and the importance of your verbiage. My consultant made it super simple to do by writing this personal message for me; however, I took it a step further and I think this made a difference. I took the time to customize her text to my voice, and then used it as a base to send an even more personal message to those I invited. I did this because I knew some friends were more likely to have heard of Usborne than others; I knew some have children the same age as mine; I knew some had older kids; I knew some were now in grandparent stage while others were also teachers. I tried to say why I’d thought of that individual’s interest to let them know they weren’t just the next person on my friend list that showed up to be invited.

3. Don’t limit your invites

Even if you are afraid people will be annoyed or offended by your invite, it does not hurt to politely extend the invitation–as long as you are personally inviting them. I was surprised by some of the people who got back to me and appreciated the info because they had never heard of Usborne. I was also surprised to see some of the orders come through from people I did not expect to purchase from me.

If you are ever invited to one of these events–online or in person–at least attend to educate yourself on the selection of books. Kid books are an exceptional gift for all occasions and all ages. I will even say, if you are a book lover, being a consultant for this company would probably be worth looking into. (I am not one and do not know the details, so I am saying this completely of my own opinion and freedom.) Sharing a love of books would be an easy thing to do.


If you are interested, my party is still open until tonight (July 15, 2016). Feel free to check it out and shop. If you are interested in hosting an event to earn books for yourself, I would be happy to connect you with my consultant, Kelly Kremer. 13726621_10204813021083759_1774060197487872856_n




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