10 Things Tuesday: ISR Swim, Usborne Books, Chocolate Zucchini Bread & New Kittens

1. ABC Crafts
I’ve recently started trying to put more focus on helping Dorothy learn her letters. She can identify about half of the alphabet (capital letters), but she is going on 3 and since I don’t do any preschool, I want to make sure I take time for meaningful activities. I found these fun ABC activity ideas. I’ve tweaked them a bit to be super simple for the materials I have on hand, but so far so good! -Rita
crystalandcomp.com letter-of-the-week-craf...rystalandcomp-1024x10241

2. “I Lost Myself In Motherhood”
I loved this little post by one of my favorite moms on Instagram, Christina Boyce. She was pregnant with her first babe at age 21 and just had number 4 recently and celebrated her 30th birthday. No matter your story as a mom, she has your back. -Rita
caffeineandthree.com lostself

3. Usborne BOOKS–Tonight!
I’m hosting an Usborne Books & More on Facebook tonight, through a friend from my college days. I’m really excited about it because I love giving books as children’s gifts and I love seeing all the fun, creative and interactive books they carry. If you have interest in them or just want to learn, join us at 8:30 p.m. (EST) on Facebook. The event will stay open through Friday, July 15. -Rita
facebook.com 13528434_10204749828983996_6077593862700219277_o

4. 5-Minute Summer Make Up Tutorial
This is a fast light weight summer makeup tutorial using only 5 makeup products! -Holly Jo

5. Kids Day At The Lake
This weekend it’s all about the kids at State Dock in Jamestown, Ky.  Bring your kids ready for lots of fun on Saturday.  The day includes contests, adventures, prizes and entertainment for everyone: fishing, karaoke, kayaking, bouncy castle and movies.  See here for the full schedule.  Note that all times are central time.

6. ISR Swim
At first I was very hesitant about putting my daughter in ISR (Infant Swim Resource, Self-Rescue) lessons. She did not like when water splashed in her face, much less going under the water. However, we have a pool and the thought of her falling in and not being able to save herself was not an option. I can honestly say ISR Lessons is the best decision we have made for our daughter. She can now swim and save herself if in a pool! -Holly Jo

7. Our Journal
Last week I came downstairs to find a hardcover book of blank pages with some blue and purple pens next to it. Inside, on the first page, was a note from the hubs. He had the brilliant idea to start a book for us to write/journal back and forth in. We will leave each other random notes at hit and miss times anyway, but he thought this was a better way to save our thoughts, prayers and correspondence over time and for our children to one day have. And you wonder why I love him so?? This is an excellent idea for anyone, but especially couples with children where it can be hard time find time for each other and slow down to share deep thoughts and personal pieces of yourself with each other. Never stop saying, “I love you.” -Rita

8. Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Bread
I truly cannot express the abundance of zucchini/squash coming from our garden right now. I wasn’t out there to pick for about 5 days due to rain and kid schedules not working out. There were some MONSTER size squash out there. Needless to say, I’ve been making a lot of chocolate zucchini bread. I’ve followed this recipe to keep it Mingus-friendly. -Rita
foodallergyeats.com C.-Bread-700x339

9. Baby Update!
You’ve probably assumed or guessed it, but I’ve decided to be no fun (for everyone else) and not find out the baby’s sex. It might be easiest this time around for whatever reason–to much else to be distracted with than just wondering. Plus, of course, I have an amazing daughter and son already. In other news, though, the baby is moving around like crazy anymore. (As I type!) Dot is in love with this baby and it is so cute! -Rita

10. New Kittens
We got two little kittens from my cousin. Having outdoor cats around is handy when you live in a field where mice are abundant (leading to snakes–eek!) Dot named them after one of her favorite TV show/books: Max & Ruby. (It’s a big sister and younger brother… SOOOO my two kids!) LouLou can’t get enough! She talks to them like they are her little babies she takes care of and the poor things are actually quite tolerant even she she has them in a choke hold! -Rita


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