10 Things Tuesday: Outdoor Movies, Shake Shack, ROMP Fest, & Overnight Oats

1. Free Movies
The drive-in theater is one of my favorite summertime activities. I’m stoked that our community is offering FREE outdoor movies every Friday this summer. Additionally, they are showing free movies in the local theater on Saturday mornings. Check your area for similar offerings. Look at park schedules for outdoor movies. (Here is a schedule for Jacobson Park in Lexington.) -Rita
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2. Natural Deodorant
At the beginning of this year I stopped using deodorant with any type of antiperspirant.  There have been many studies that show the effect of this ingredient (aluminum) to be very unhealthy.  I have searched high and low for the perfect, natural deodorant that keeps under arm odor at bay.  Hands down the best one I have found is the Lavanila deodorant.  It is a little pricey, however lasts me around 3 months.  Definitely worth a try if you want to use a natural deodorant. -Holly Jo
3. Shake Shack
My husband has been raving about the Shake Shack for the past year.  It is a burger joint in NYC.  He says it has the best burger he has ever eaten.  If anyone knows me, I love a good burger.  I have been wanting to try this place out and guess what?  Lexington will be opening one at the new development, The Summit at Fritz Farm in 2017!  Can’t wait! -Holly Jo
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4. Instant Age Rewind
Do you have dark circles under your eyes or just want to brighten that area up?  Check out the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in the shade brightener.  It has a pink undertone so it cancels out dark circles and gives a nice awake look when you feel absolutely exhausted.  I love this product and have been using it every day for the past month.  It is also a great dupe for the MAC prep and prime in radiant rose at much lower dollar point.  Love it! –Holly Jo

5. Overnight Oats
Summer is the best time to eat berries as a refreshing treat. Even better? Enjoying them for breakfast. We made delicious overnight oats with fruit last week. This may be a weekly routine. Recipe: 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup Greek yogurt (I use plain or vanilla), 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Mix. Cover with lid. Keep in fridge overnight. In the morning: add all the fun stuff. You can sweeten with honey or brown sugar. -Rita

6. Microfiber Cleaning
You’ve likely heard of Norwex cleaning products and may know a rep. I haven’t used a lot of the items, but their “Basic Package” comes with their EnvirCloth and the window rag. I will say these are great. They are an easy combo for cleaning glass with no streaks. Also, the EnviroCloth is my go-to for cleaning our high chair or other kid messes. With nothing but water it somehow makes the cleaning process SO much easier than scrubbing with cleaning products. –Rita
jessicawalden.norwex.biz 24abdeffe7305fdfdde8d9f2c7140589730bbde1

7. Classic Literature for Toddlers
If you’re a lover of literature, here is your new favorite baby gift! BabyLit is a fashionable way to introduce toddlers to classic literature. A set of six is on sale here right now or shop directly on the website-Rita


8. Farmers Market
If you haven’t already, visit your local Farmers Market. Produce is beginning to come in full force and there will be a lot offered at great prices and you can feed your family wonderful, fresh, local fruits and veggies. Look for local honey, too. It’s great for allergies. Here are some shopping tips if you have kids in tow. -Rita

9. ROMP Fest & Dazzling Daylilies Festival
Owensboro is a happening place this week.  ROMP Fest  is underway at Yellow Creek Park, which has an incredible line-up of Bluegrass performers including Old Crow Medicine Show and Sam Bush. Also, the Dazzling Daylilies Festival began today and runs through the 26th at the Botanical Garden. Balloon rides and more are offered. -Rita
rompfest.com  -format=1500w

10. County Festivals
It’s county festival season in the Bluegrass. Our local Casey County Fair begins this week and there is likely to be one in your area. Weather permitting (read: not dreadfully HOT or raining), it’s a fun way to enjoy summer with your family or friends. Check the Kentucky Association Fairs & Horse Shows Event schedule here-Rita



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