10 Things Tuesday: Lyft, Vegas, AirBNB & Date Nights

1. Lyft Vegas

I’m sure you have all heard of Uber. If not, they are replacing taxi cabs as we know it and Lyft is the new guy on the block.  Need to get somewhere quickly in Las Vegas (or really anywhere)?  Call Uber or Lyft.  If Lyft is available, they seem to be less expensive than Uber.  They also hand out $50 voucher tickets in Vegas. -Holly Jo

2. Vegas Shows: Le Rê
Looking for a show while in Vegas?  Check out Le Rêve – The Dream Cirque Du Soleil located at The Wynn.  My sister-in-law and I absolutely loved it.  We were sitting in the second row and could feel everything from splashes into the water as well as heat from the fire!  An absolutely amazing show! -Holly Jo

3. Celebrity Clubs
If you are interested in seeing a celebrity while in Vegas, check out some of the clubs.  They are always having appearances from a variety of celebrities.  Our girlfriend was able to get us on the guest list for free to 1-Oak where Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian were appearing.  Talk to the concierge at your hotel, they should be able to help. -Holly Jo
unnamed (2)

4. Glamour pools
While in Vegas, if the weather cooperates, always check out the pools. We stayed at the Mirage and the pool was phenomenal. We had a blast sipping fruity drinks, listening to music and meeting new people! -Holly Jo
unnamed (3)

5. Take a Gamble and Gamble!
Even if you aren’t a gambler you have to check out the casinos! They are larger than life and open all night! While in Vegas I placed a couple bets at the craps table. This game may be intimidating, however you have the best odds at winning. Craps is also a lot of fun once you get the hang of it! -Holly Jo
unnamed (4)

6. AirBNB
Speaking of getaways and trips, be sure to check AirBNB in addition to hotels when you plan your trip, especially if you are traveling with a large group. You’ll find incredible places to stay and often times spend less then you would on individual rooms. Check out this great place for a girls’ getaway! –Rita

Good Morning, Friends!!😘 Right now I’m at the most fabulous Airbnb in Austin with my friends. I’ll post the link on my blog next week so you can stay here one day. …but I’m so sold on this house sharing thing. So much better than a hotel!…and the view is killer! ————————————– The only problem…I’m an early riser and my friends…not so much.😴 I woke up at 6 and got ready for the day and now I’m just soaking in the silence. …minus when I FaceTimed with Mike and the kids going on a morning donut run. I’ve taught them well.😆🍩 ————————————– I hope you all have a fabulous day!! …I have to go set up a prank on Kelsey and Ashley before they wake up.😂👍🏻…or maybe I should just yell, “SNAKE!”😁

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7. Zucs & Broccoli
Share with me your favorite ways to fix zucchini/squash and broccoli. We have both coming in plentiful in our garden and I’d love some simple, delicious ways to enjoy them! –Rita

8. Date Night
If your married with kids, simple date nights don’t come easy or often. Getaways for events maybe, but there is something special about a simple night of just the two fo you. Mingus and I were lucky to get away Saturday evening once the kids were asleep since we were visiting his parents in Indiana. After dinner we almost went to a movie, but instead we got ice cream and drove around his hometown while he shared stories of days’ past with me and showed me places of memories. It was so much more meaningful and good for us than simply seeing a movie. When you have time with just your husband and no kids, enjoy each other and having real conversation about things you don’t take time for. –Rita

9. Puddle Jumper for Under 30lbs.
They do exist! If you saw last week’s 10 things, I asked for advice on swim wear for little toddlers, like my 16 month old. Turns out, my mother-in-law found the Stearns Puddle Jumper for under 30 lbs. What is odd is I still can hardly find it online even when I look for it. It actually appears safer than the traditional kind, as it does not have arm restriction. I have yet to try ours and I haven’t found a lot of reviews on them. –Rita
boatingmarinesupply.com 2000023528-STE

10. Love. Freedom. America.
So much love and sorrow goes out to those directly affected by the Orlando tragedy this past weekend–as all Americans should feel affected. Knowing HJ was away in a tourist city out and about on the night this happened brings a new reality to the idea of you just don’t know when, where, or who these things will happen to. This is a time to remember to LOVE your neighbor, teach your children to love, and to love our country. Much divides our nation today. Fear and terror seek to divide us further.  Let us show compassion and come together in love and support the way our country did after 9/11.
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