10 Great [Kentucky] Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Guys get off so easy… Buying for a girl is pretty darn simple with a list of endless options from candy and flowers to jewelry, spa treatments and clothes. But when it’s time to return the favor, picking out a gift for a guy is tough. Father’s Day is one such occasion.

It’s not that guys necessarily expect you to go “big” for the holiday. Many are happy with small things or fun outings, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to try to do more. The problem is, many things guys are interested in come with a high price tag or the guy is so particular about the gift, you wouldn’t dare trying to pick it out on your own. I know that’s how I feel when it comes to tools with my husband. (A flashlight is a flashlight, right? Nope…not for him…So many details and specifics that make them different.)

Here are 10 ideas that will hopefully trigger great ideas from you. Only a week left to shop! (And don’t forget to include a nice note or card!)


Smaller Versions of the  Trending Big Brand Items

1. Yeti Drinkware & Coolers
They are all the rage: Yeti brand coolers. These suckers keep things ice cold for hours–days even. Even if you cannot spring for a cooler, the tumbler is a great gift.
hotwoods.com RAMBLER_COLSTER-wt

2. Big Green Egg
Another major “manly” brand that goes hand-in-hand with something many guys love to do (grilling) is the Big Green Egg. It comes in numerous sizes, and any guy who doesn’t mind to stand over a grill with a cold brew would love one of his own.
lulusfarm.com family-eggs-in-nest-1000

More high end trending gift ideas for dads here.

A Play on His Favorites

3. Grill, Bar & Man Cave Accessories
Every guy has the place at home that is “theirs” or where they are most comfortable. They may not like to call it “accessorizing” like we ladies do, but they too like to fancy up their space. You know them best and the accessorizing may include handy tools and geeky gadgets or sports paraphernalia and favorite movie decor. Think about that space for the father your shopping for and what would help complete it.

4. Tickets
Check out area and regional shows and concerts coming to town… Sometimes we feel selfish taking time out/off  in addition to spending money to see performances we love. If your guy has a taste for this sort of thing, tickets for an upcoming show would be a great surprise.

More interest specific gift ideas here.

DIY & Uniquely Crafted Gifts

5. Bourbon Barrels re-made & bar gear
For the Kentucky gentleman, owning an old bourbon barrel, remade into something for your home or lifestyle is a perfect reflection of your roots. (Particularly if you actually drink bourbon!) You can buy the barrels and create something unique on your own or you can buy original, special gifts created from bourbon barrels.
wineenthusiast.scene7.com 35022

6. Pallet Board DIY ideas
Pallet Boards used to just be something you found sitting in a barn or warehouse, but today there are people who love to get their hands on them and turn them into something new and usable. Whether you are one of those crafty people or just like the look, they make for great gifts and oftentimes ones that are manly enough for a father.

7. Cute crafts from the kids
Obviously, if you have little ones, you need to have them give their own personal gift to Dad. A lot of preschools and daycares do these kinds of crafts, but you may want to take the time to do one yourself that you can make more personal for your child’s relationship with his/her dad. Obviously Pinterest has a slew of ideas. The glove handprints are super cute for a dad who works outside a lot. If he travels a lot or has an office, something he can keep on his desk or carry with him is also a good idea.
icanteachmychild.com 121A5914-650x433

More great DIY gift ideas here.

Kentucky Specific Gifts

8. Kentucky Proud Gear
The site Kentucky for Kentucky is having a huge sale this weekend. Check out their site for some great gift ideas.
kyforky.com gift-guide-header

9. Special events in your area
Check your area for special events taking place in honor of Father’s Day. Here are just a few in Kentucky:
Belle of Louisville Sightseeing/Father’s Day BBQ
Churchill Downs
Woodford Reserve
Father’s Day Train Ride
Kentucky Derby Museum “Doughnuts With Dad” Tour & Breakfast
Natural Bridge Father’s Day Weekend Adventure Campout
Check area golf and country clubs for special Father’s Day events as well.

10. Day-Of Outings and Fun
Some families and fathers like to keep it simple, which is sometimes the best way to celebrate. The great news is, everyone celebrates dads and you can easily find day-of fun in your area. A lot of restaurants host special meals or offerings for dads. In the past, Comfy Cow has offered free ice cream to dads. The Louisville Zoo is free for fathers, just as the Ali Center has offered in the past. (Not sure about this year in lieu of recent events.)  Check Dr. Google or local media sources for more deals in your specific area for places that host dads free or with special treatment.

Check out the vlog video where Jo and I discuss some of these (and other) ideas together.


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