10 Things Tuesday: Beauty & The Beast, Disney on Netflix, Puddle Jumpers & Burberry

1. Bentley’s Barkery
You guys!! My long-long-long time friend wrote a BOOK! And a kids’ book to boot, titled Bentley’s Barkery. It looks adorable! I can’t wait for my copy to arrive and to send copies to all of my friends with kids. Get your copy on Amazon! -Rita

2. Blake Brags on Bluegrass Babes
WE know Kentucky women are awesome, but apparently even big timers get the drift. Blake Shelton was recently quoted on a radio interview talking about women from Louisville, Ky, saying they have “the entire package”. I think it’s safe to say that is the case for every Bluegrass babe, amIright??

3. Simplest Salad Dressing
Want the recipe to the simplest salad dressing ever that is impossible not to like? It came from the book I’m currently reading: Apron Anxiety. Just combine equal parts extra virgin olive oil, white vinegar, and sugar. That’s it! But it is REALLY good. Now that our salad greens are ready in the garden, I’ll definitely be keeping this on hand. -Rita

4. Puddle jumpers
If it’s your first summer with kids and pools/water/lakes/oceans, and your trying to figure out what swim gear you need, here’s the simple solution: Get a Puddle Jumper. I always saw kids wearing these and didn’t know if it was kind of just “the thing to buy,” but they honestly work great. They come in different weight sizes, so check what’s right for your kids, but they will make water play much less stressful for everyone. (They are sold at most basic retail locations or Amazon.)

5. Wedding Season Begins
Hubs and I attended our first wedding of 2016 last weekend and had a blast. It’s that phase of life where sometimes you feel like there is a wedding every weekend, but the beauty of it is the fact life is SO busy that without such events, there are friends and family you may never see otherwise! We had a great time catching up with a lot of our Louisville friends. Tune into my blog/vlog this Friday for more. -Rita

Congrats BK & Kate!

6. No Burberry in the Bluegrass?
I wanted to try the new Burberry foundation. However, none of the stores in Kentucky carried it. I reached out to customer service and after multiple emails, the Customer Service Senior Manager, Darren, sent me three foundations to try, for free! Amazing Customer Service! (Stay tuned for review and feedback on the vlog!) -Holly Jo
Holly Jo & Rita (@beautyitbluegrass) • Instagram photos and videos 2016-05-24 10-26-48

7. Beachin’ with HJ
It’s almost officially summer and school is finally letting out. Get a peek at the Johnson family fun in Destin, FL last week in the vlog coming this Friday! -Holly Jo
@hhellyer01 • Instagram photos and videos 2016-05-24 10-07-01

8. Beauty & the Beast
THIS is exciting and even if you’ve already seen this preview, you know you want to watch it for the 2,826th time! Emma Watson is living all our dreams by actually BEING Belle! And the fact this teaser has THE Beauty & The Beast music just MAKES it. Why must March be so far away?!

9. Disney on Netflix
Speaking of love for all things Disney… Netflix recently announced that they will become the EXCLUSIVE streaming service for Disney beginning in September. That means… If it’s Disney, Netflix will be the place to find it. They will also exclusively carry all films Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm.

10. Biscuits on a Stick
Any  Memorial Day weekend plans? Here’s a tasty snack for the campfire you may not have tried before: Biscuits on a stick. All you need is a can of biscuits(Like Pilsbury) and squeezable jelly. Wrap an individual biscuit on your roasting stick (that you’d use for a hotdog or marshmallow). The trick is to not roast it too quickly so the outside burns/gets cooked. Do a slow roast. When it’s done and you pull it off your stick it will leave a hole from the stick. Squeeze your jelly here… Enjoy! You can obviously add other things like butter, honey or peanut butter to the center and some people get really fancy by adding eggs, cheese, etc. Happy Memorial Day and please remember why we have this holiday to honor those who secured our freedoms. -Rita


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