10 Things Tuesday: Makeup tutorial, road trip, perennial flowers & sparkles

1. Planting Perennials
My flower beds are in! Hubs did an awesome job of getting the railroad ties and fixing my front porch beds while I was gone over the weekend. I’m so excited. He planted a few annuals but primarily left them empty since we hadn’t talked about what we wanted to plant. I’d love to add perennials that will come back every year. What do you have and love? Share your suggestions please! -Rita

2.  Magic Ink Pictures
My mom picked up a great little surprise/activity for Dot in the car during our 10 hour road trip. It was a small coloring pad with one marker that brought out the colors on the pages when used. It wasn’t messy at all, the book was small enough for her to hold and color, and she was obsessed! Given, my daughter does like to color, but the thing kept her entertained a HUGE portion of the drive home on a 10-hour ride. They come in all sorts of varieties and can be purchased just about anywhere (Walgreens, Amazon, Target, Babies ‘R’ Us…) I will definitely be getting more of these before vacation. -Rita

3. Mapping a Road Trip
Speaking of long trips with littles, I wrote this blog post about road trips with kids, but it primarily focused on survival in the car itself. When we travel to the beach this summer, Hubs and I are not aiming to”make good time”. I want to plan some stops that will break up the drive best for kids. (Both in spacing but also in what they can do when we stop.) We made a lunch stop last weekend and decided to take food to a park. Successfully finding one definitely added time, though. (Our first attempt was a bust!) Planning in advance will help, so if you have suggested stops between central Kentucky and Virginia Beach, let me know.  -Rita

4. Business Socks
My husband wanted some snazzy socks to wear with his work suits. I found some super cute ones at Steinmart for only $1.98/pair. Can’t beat that for this kind of fun variety! -Holly Jo

5. Summer Cut–Check!
My cut is done! I really liked what the stylist did with it. She did a great job from the pictures I showed her and seemed to get it just short enough for my liking but long enough for a ponytail. Thanks for all the feedback and tips! -Rita

6. Easy Train Cake
I have such crafty and creative family members! Our cousin’s little guy, Rory, turned two this week and she made him the cutest cake! I’ve seen lots of cake pan molds, but this one was individual train cars–very detailed. To top that off, she decorated it superbly! My kids were lucky enough to get a few pieces (“cars”) themselves. What a fun idea for a little guy’s birthday! -Rita

7. GAWM Makeup Tutorial
For those of you who have hyper-pigmentation, oily skin, large pores and lots of stress this makeup tutorial is for you! I love this look for summer days when I know I will be sweating. It is also perfect for long days and if you are going to be photographed, such as weddings. -Holly Jo

8. Roll-on Sparkles
Dorothy gained a new sparkle obsession over the weekend when my cousin-in-law Jenny introduced her to NYX Cosmetics Roll On Shimmer. Her daughters think it’s the bees knees and it really is! It’s not wet or sticky but rolls right on and even comes off easily. You can use it for yourself, but it’s perfect for little girls too and comes in all colors. You can find it at Ulta. -Rita
NYX COSMETICS  Roll On Shimmer
9. Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day has come and gone–hope all of you fellow moms had a wonderful day but I especially hope you took time to be grateful for the opportunity to be a mother. The day sometimes gets focused on praising mothers–which is good, but the fact we get to be mothers is a privilege many, many would love. Hold those kiddos tight and tell them you love them every day. -Rita

10. Road Trip Vlog
Here is a snippet into the adventure we took last week to see my cousin graduate from UNC’s Masters in Accounting program at Chapel Hill. The 10-hours to and 10-hours back from Apex, NC was interesting with two kids, but well worth it! -Rita


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