One Simple Change: Summer Reading

Last Month’s Review: April

Goal:Fix smoothies/shakes at least 4x a week


Fail/Success? Success! I did not track my smoothies intake as well as I set out to do in order to make sure I was getting my count every week, but in the end, I know the regularity was there. I started out really well (because once the kids started having smoothies regularly, they expected it and requested them almost daily!) The only thing that threw me off, ironically, was Mingus starting to make smoothies. He would make his for breakfast in the morning and the way we tend to do it is by using the largest cup with the Nutri-Bullet. There is always plenty to share; however, I’d tell him to use his excess to fill the kiddo’s cups before mine, sometimes resulting in me not having much smoothie. So I will admit sometimes my smoothie was rather small.

What I got out of it: What is there NOT to get out of this? Good nutrition. Great way to add fruits and whole foods to the kids’ daily diets. Much better snack than most options. It’s also a great thing to feed myself and the kids on the mornings when we hadve to get moving quickly to get out the door. It was quick to make and clean up. It doesn’t cause messes all over them, but it is a solid meal and no matter what else is eaten for that particular meal of the day, I know something good was involved. 

Moving Forward: This is something I know I want to continue. If anything, I want to continue to improve. I’d even like to branch out on what types of recipes I concoct. I’m kind of in my groove of using frozen fruits, but I see recipes for fun things like mint chocolate, pumpkin spice, mocha java, peanut butter cup… on and on. It’s mainly a matter of having the right ingredients on hand, so I’ll aim to look up a few recipes and add things to my shopping list. Perhaps by changing it up and finding some new favorites I’ll stay motivated to make regular smoothies.

New Challenge: May


FullSizeRender (1)

Motivation behind the challenge: To some people this may sound pretty lame–like all my book worm friends that I know I have! But those same friends also know that I’ve never been the avid reader I’d like to be. The last time I can remember reading a book was the one, still near my bed halfway finished, that I was working on through my pregnancy with Dorothy. She was born… and there the book sits. In my defense, it was a VERY long book. (Book 3 of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.)  I know I could find time to read, but because it’s never been a part of my routine with kids, it still isn’t. When I am not running circles with toddlers, I have other projects and things my hands are busy with… I blog, I have my part-time job with MoneyPath and my Juice Plus work. There is garden work, daily meal prep, cleaning, and other projects I enjoy and take up–and of course enjoying Netflix if possible. 

With summer upon us, I’m hopeful to incorporate reading into some of the time I spend outside with the kids. I had a sneak peek of creek play a few weeks ago and realized that, it was the perfect place to get in real reading. A book at the creek is much safer than an electronic device–so bringing my computer for work doesn’t make sense. Plus, I’m hopeful for pool visits this summer and while I know it will be a little more hands on (except at places with ‘baby’ areas), I like the idea of reading pool side–not to mention we are going on a beach vacation in August with Jon’s family. I feel like if I get back into the habit of reading, I’ll get myself hooked. You know how it is when a book sucks you in… you can’t stop! Then it’s over and you feel a little empty inside, not knowing what to do with yourself, so the only solution seems to be to find another book! That’s what I want!

So, reading a single book may sound lame, but it would be a huge accomplishment for me.

What to read? I have a few ideas, but because the movie You Before Me, based on the book by Jojo Moyes, comes out in June, I’d like to read it. I tried to find it at our Casey County Library, but it’s checked out (not surprising with the movie release around the corner), so I need to check the other library I frequent. I know I could buy it, but I love that libraries are this free resource we have access to and love to take advantage of the gem that they are.

However, since I haven’t gotten my hands on the book yet, I have some other options. I recently stumbled upon a forgotten box from our move to the new house that was full of books and there was a whole stack of them that I have never read that belong to me. (Sort of… Friends may recognize a few titles in the stack pictured above as ones the lent and never saw again!) It made me realize that if friends gave me these books, they must be worth the read, so I should probably start with my own library!

Wish me luck and if all goes well, next month at this time I’ll be asking you to provide me with a summer reading list!

See how Holly Jo’s letter writing went in April and her plans for May on the vlog!


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