10 Things Tuesday: Summer reading, Teacher appreciation, nude lips & Mother’s Day

1. Freebie Books for Kids
Barnes & Nobles is hosting a summer reading program for kids called the Barnes & Nobles Summer Reading Triathlon. By completing eight books through the summer a child receives a free book. Check the details in signing up and the requirements. (More summer reading programs listed here.)  -Rita

2. Skin So Soft
Summer is great for a lot of things but one of its downfalls? BUGS! My bug spray of choice–for myself and for my kids–is Avon’s Skin So Soft bug guard line. I’ve used it my entire life and the smell makes me think of summer time and it is deet-free. -Rita


3. Teacher Appreciation Week
It’s Teacher appreciation week!  Don’t forget to show all those teachers out there how much we appreciate everything they do. My girlfriend showed me how to make a cute bouquet by using peonies in our backyard. An inexpensive and super cute gift! (If YOU are a teacher, check out these great deals for you here!) -Holly Jo

4. Summer Time Baby Hack
You may have seen this or used this hack before but it’s too clever not to share. This is a great way to have your little babe outside with you this summer–whether it’s poolside, vacation, or when you’re working your gardens. Put a crib sheet over the pack and play! -Rita

5. Fresh Summer Look
If you are needing a light and fresh makeup look for the summer I always use the Tarte tinted moisturizer as my go to base.  It covers redness, evens out skintone, has 20 SPF and looks extremely natural.  The finish of this product gives the, “your skin, but better”, look.   And the best of all, it is a natural product!  Love it!! -Holly Jo

6. Final Prayers
While school life may be far removed from my current routine, I know many of all ages go through the rigorous week (or two) of final exams at this time. I love that my alma mater Bellarmine University, a Catholic university, puts out this  graphic to support its students in their studies. I truly believe prayer for a clear head, focus and guidance helps during the pressure of studies. -Rita

7. Spring Cut!
As much as I love long hair, I’m going for a spring chop tomorrow. (For me a chop means you can still ponytail-it!) My hair grows so fast anyway, and even though I dream of having it nice while long, my top knot pretty much rules my life. Even when I leave it down for something nice, I’m lucky if I had a chance to blow it dry. Here are a few of my past short do’s. (As you can tell, it’s not too varied, although the bottom left is actually much shorter in the back than you can see.) Suggestions or links to cuts you think would fit my face shape/hair would be appreciated! -Rita

8. Front Yard Facial
We’re ready to put in flower/herb gardens off our front porch! We’ve talked about using railroad ties to edge them, but rock is a viable and cheap option as e we have such an abundance right here of large stones! Since our porch is a concrete slab, I’m curious how the ties would appear, but I’m also trying to decide which will require less management/upkeep as far as trimming around. Thoughts? Remember we live OUT THERE so a very natural look goes well. -Rita

9. Nude Lips
If you have been looking for a great nude drugstore lipstick check out the Maybelline nudes! They are amazing! The shade I have, pictured on the left, is in Bare All. This color is for fair skinned and those who want an extremely nude lip. Love it!! -Holly Jo

10. Mother’s Day Cards
My love for sending cards is quickly rubbing off on Dorothy. Right now she thoroughly enjoys taking cards (or just paper) and covering them with colors and stickers and getting to send them in the mail. However, in a year or two I’m sure we’ll upgrade our methods. Try some of these card ideas for you littles to create for their grandmothers and more. -Rita


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