10 Things Tuesday: New Instagram, Greeting Cards, Summer Style & Prince

1. Insta-Beauties!
We’re on Instagram now with our very own Beauty in the Bluegrass IG account. We’d love for you to follow! We’ll share great deals we find, fashion and beauty ideas, motherhood inspiration and a little bit of good ol’ life in the Bluegrass. We want to keep up with you all too, though, so give us a follow or tag us when you find something you think we’d love so we can share it on our account too! –Holly Jo & Rita

2. Cards
I am mildly obsessed with sending cards in the mail–birthdays, anniversaries, thank you’s… The list goes on. My friend is fundraising right now and selling these adorable greeting cards for The Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies… You get 30 cards for $30–that’s $1 a card! (If you buy cards you know that is CHEAP!) I am getting the kid birthday collection, because the number of little ones on my list these days just keeps growing. But there is a great set of ‘thank you’s and blanks’ as well as a couple of variety sets. The sale goes through Friday. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll connect you. -Rita

3. MotherHOOD 
Being a SAHM who likes to stay comfy all day, the fun graphic tees for mom life are growing on me. Esepcially since you can dress them up with the right jewelry. This MotherHood tee by Malyn Logic is one of my favorites. (Maybe because I just enjoy her so much on Instagram!) It’s a great gift idea for a mom friend this Mother’s Day. –Rita

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4. Last Call!
These Kendra Scott earrings are super cute whether you are wearing jeans, a dress or have your hair up or down.  And the best part, they are on sale!  You can find them at Neiman Marcus Last Call, on sale! –Holly Jo

5. Ear Relief for Littles
Do your little ones suffer from ear infections or swimmer’s ear during the summer?  We have been using the, Auro, Homeopathic Ear Relief Drops on our girls and they have been a lifesaver.  We put a couple drops in their ears twice a week.  It helps loosen up ear wax and keep ears from getting too clogged. –Holly Jo

6. Calling on MOTHERS
With Mother’s Day just around the corner… What would you LOVE to get? Go ahead and dream or wish here without feeling bad. We know you love being MOM and you don’t need gifts more than time with your family BUT we’d love to share ideas in next week’s 10 Things Tuesday post. Sometimes moms like to treat their mom friends (or their moms) to gifts and your ideas could help. Something cute. Something tasty. Something fun. Leave your suggestions in the comments! –Rita

7. Memories of a Prince
Here’s a tiny corner of the internet to hold my sadness over the loss of Prince last week. I have fond memories of cruising with the windows down in the summer time, listening to “Raspberry Beret” (and more) with my then-roomie (and soul-sista-wife). Few mix CDs didn’t feature some Prince. Then there was the time my wedding DJ chose to play “Kiss” as the song to kick off the dance party at the reception… Having a college friend DJ your reception is an awesome thing. Thanks for the awesome dance parties, Prince! –Rita

8. Hairband Bangles
Who else is infamous for ruining a classy, nice look by having an elastic hair tie on your wrist? My only saving grace right now is the fact I almost always have my hair UP, but when I don’t, I have to have a handy hairband. This bangle bracelets by The Bangle Bear help you keep your essential where it needs to be but give it a cute look to go with the rest of your arm candy! I discovered the on Instagram, but you can purchase in the Etsy shop here. –Rita

9. Keep the Kiddos Close
With summer upon us… and the many fun outings and trips that come with it… this is a friendly reminder to keep your kiddos close. It’s not always just about keeping an eye out–it’s remembering the tiny world in which they live. I had a mild reminder recently when leaving the grocery. I carried my bags in one hand and Jacob in the other. Instead of trying to also hold Lou’s hand I simply walked slow and said things like, “Stay with Mama.” While she was right there with me, though, a young lady–about my size–in workout clothes (similar to mine) and a dark ponytail (similar to mine) walked past Dorothy, heading toward the parking lot. I was still headed further down the sidewalk, but Lou began to turn toward the parking lot and follow the lady. I tried talking louder and more firmly to shift her attention back to me since my arms were so full and I couldn’t grab her, but she (as usual) was in her own little world. It was a slight panic that she was walking into a parking lot (with traffic) with no guidance AND that I couldn’t just grab her. After a moment she did hear me but her confusion of thinking she was following me and now hearing my voice in another direction kept her from seeing me, even though I was only about 10 feet away and it wasn’t crowded. A slight look of panic hit her face for a brief moment before I was by her side to get her back on track. I then had her “help” me carry the bags (hold on to them) the rest of the way to the car. With Jake being the ‘baby’, it’s easy to think of my 2 1/2 year old as ‘big’, but she’s not. Remember the difference in their perspective and play it safe while out and about this summer. –Rita

10. Tank Dress 
I picked up this cute cozy racerback tank dress at Walmart today: $6.84. How cute is this to throw on for a walk with the kids or over your swim suit? -Rita



2 thoughts on “10 Things Tuesday: New Instagram, Greeting Cards, Summer Style & Prince

  1. I want to nog have to plan Mother’s Day 😂

    Aside from that: family pictures, or something thoughtful. I don’t worry about the cost behind things, like to focus on the effort that went into it.


    1. Exactly! Big stuff and surprise stuff are always fun, but it’s mainly feeling appreciated, right? I honestly did not realize how special mother’s day could feel until becoming a mom myself.


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