Summer Essentials & Wish List

Summer is starting to show itself with some 70 and 80 degree days and we are LOVING it. Time to pack up the sweaters and boots and pull out the sandals and sun dresses. Here’s our checklist of essentials and a few wish list items for 2016!


Sundresses and maxi dresses for days, my friends! What’s great about summer dresses is the fact many of the ‘in’ styles can be used for both dressing up and casual occasions. It’s just a matter of how you accessorize them.

T-shirt dresses are cozy and simple but with the right shoes and jewelry–maybe a cardigan–you can make them look perfect for fun summer gatherings that require a little class.

Old Navy

Maxi dresses are a must in your wardrobe and the beauty is the array of styles and looks. Much like the t-shirt dresses, they can be dressed up or down, but they are always comfortable and cool for the warm weather.





Color Blocking




Cardigans aren’t your first thought when it comes to summer-wear, but we’ve all experienced the frigid temperatures of a place that keeps their AC way too high. Or there is the occasion to dress up your sleeveless sun dress with sleeves. Cardigans are perfect for this. Your neutral colors are always handy, but bright colors that pop are perfect for summer. Check Nordstrom, Banana Republic, and Ann Taylor for a great selection. (And don’t forget to check around for coupons, special offers or sales on these sites before buying!)


Who isn’t always ready to add a new pair of shoes to their closet? Shoes are a key part of dressing up some of the above mentioned dresses to take them to the next level.

Wedge sandals are always a summertime win. With events from weddings and barbecues to horse racing taking place outdoors, having a a sturdy wedge heal makes getting around with a glamorous look no problem.

6PM (Zappos)

Flats are always a great essential. The standard neutral colors are staples in a closet, but summer is the perfect time to add some sparkle, color or pizzazz to your flats.

Ann Taylor

Flip Flops go far beyond cheap plastic shoes you slip on for the pool. In fact, you can even snazz up the pool these days with super cute flip flops. Perhaps a little on the high end (especially in cost) but you’ve got to have a wish list item, right?

Tory Burch

Mules can make for a super cute summer look. Mix the open toe bootie with good jeans or dress for just the right look.

Vince Camuto


Hot summer weather makes dressing comfortably and simple a necessity. Sometimes it’s just too darn hot to put on too many layers or something that isn’t super breezy and comfy. That’s where jewelry is the magic ingredient. The right necklace can spruce up anything from a plain dress to even a t-shirt. Take advantage of using jewelry to ad a pop of color.

Bauble Bar Benoit Y-Chain
Bauble Bar Ynez Y-Chain 


Picking a new suit (or four!)  for summer is one of the most exciting parts of summer. Whether you plan to sit out at your own poolside, you’ve got a beach vacation planned or you’ll be hitting the lake on weekends, find the suit you feel most comfortable in. Solids are always a classy look and don’t be ashamed to go for a tankini. My post-baby body needs one and the styles available are beyond cute and flattering.

Victoria Secret



I’m notorious for buying a zillion cheap-o gas station sunglasses, simply because I love to mix them up constantly AND I’m terrible about losing them, but having a nice pair you take care of is a great way to go. Pick something classy, like gold, that goes with everything and can be worn for any occasion.

Ray-Ban Aviators


Make-up Essentials:

Just because you’re suddenly outside 10x more and the temperatures rises, you don’t want your stunning glamorous look to change. While you may keep the same overall look, finding products that last all day and through water (and possible sweat!) are crucial. The Estee Lauder Double Wear accomplishes this and looks great on camera. Summer is also the time to add some pop to those lips but keep them looking smooth and moist. Nobody needs chapped dry lips out in the sun! Try  this Clinique lip gloss and for something fun, check out this Christian Dior Lipstick (Tromp L’oeil 123)

Nail Polish

Have fun with those nails this summer, girls! If you ever want to do something bright, fun and new, this is the season for it. Check out these current favorites: O.P.I.’s  bright coral “My Paprika is Hotter Than Yours”; L’Oreal’s purple “Royalty Reinvented”; and Essie’s pastel blue “Bikini So Teeny.”

We want to see your must-have and wish list items for the summer! To be honest, I also have on some new cozy running shorts and tanks. (Not that I’ll be doing much running excepting the kind that results in chasing kids!) Happy shopping, friends!


7 thoughts on “Summer Essentials & Wish List

  1. Great Summer Essentials/Wish List post. I always wished I had a pair of the Tory Burch Miller sandals. Then one day I finally bought a pair, soon after another pair, and another and so on. I soon realized I was obsessed with them and my collection now looks like this.

    Thanks for sharing.



      1. Glad you like my collection. You are not the first person to find it hilarious I have so many pairs. Most guys would never consider buying themselves one pair and I have 8. But like my Tory Burch sales associates always say, “at Tory Burch we think EVERYONE should be able to enjoy our great brand.”


        Liked by 1 person

      2. I know this is the wrong time of year to be thinking about sandals, but this past August I did by myself another pair of Tory Burch Miller sandals to add to my collection. These are my new clay pink TB Millers.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Beside having a pair of TB Millers in almost every color for every occasion, I have an even bigger collection of colorful Tory flats. I love all my various styles of Tory flats but my latest favs are the TB Minnie travel ballet flats. They’re not only colorful and cute but they’re super comfy, you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

    Hope you’re having a great day.


    Liked by 1 person

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