10 Things Tuesday: Summer shoes, Water Play, Aloe Plants & Day of Giving

1. Infant Self Rescue
Summer is just around the corner and that means swimming pools will be opening sooner than later! Lots of fun, however if you have little ones and they are often around pools you should look into the Infant Self Rescue (ISR) program. The instructor teaches the child how to float and yell for help if he or she accidentally falls into the water. This program could save a child’s life and we plan to start the class this month. -Holly Jo

It was our first VERY warm weekend–sunny and temperatures in the 80s–so with lots of little cousins together there had to be some fun in the creek! Sure, everyone loves the pool, but I am telling you, there is something whimsical and amazing to youngsters about a creek bed full of cool, running water and lots of rocks. -Rita

2. #GiveBellarmine
From today at noon until tomorrow at noon, Bellarmine is having their annual “Day of Giving”. They are aiming for 419 donors this year, and you better bet I will be one of them. To begin putting into words what my college experience brought to my life is not really possible (especially on a 10 Tuesday post), and I may dread paying my student loans every month, but what I gained at BU was worth every penny. I am grateful for those who gave before and helped get it where it was for me, and I want to pay it forward.
Click here to join the action! -Rita

4. Summer dresses FTW!
I’ve decided I may keep Dorothy in dresses all summer long–they are so easy! For one, it’s one item of clothing instead of two. Secondarily, I’ve gotten a slew of them at next to nothing prices second-hand, which is perfect for play around here. Third, she loves them so it makes dressing her easy. She’s always excited to put one on. I highly recommend keeping summer wear simple for your toddler girls and having plenty of dresses for all occasions. -Rita

5. Water shoes for toddlers
What kind of water shoes do you keep on your toddlers for the lake/creek/rocky terrain? I have a pair of hand-me-downs Dot is wearing and they are great–once they are on. Getting them on is the battle, though. The openings are SO tight we’ve had to use a butter knife as a shoe horn to get her feet in! Once they are on, though, they are perfect for staying on her foot, giving her grip and protection, and keeping rocks and whatnot out. Do you have a preferred water shoe for toddlers that is perhaps a little easier to take on and off? -Rita

6. Flip Flops Galore!
Wal-Mart has the cutest flip flops for little girls and they are only $0.98!  The smallest size is a little big for Sadie Jo, but she loves them nonetheless and for under $1 you just can’t pass them up! -Holly Jo

7. Diaper Clutches
I’m hearing more and more moms who love carrying a diaper clutch. Super cute and just big enough for the must-have diaper-changing items. This way you don’t have to bring the ENTIRE diaper bag into the store with you on every run. Those pictured below came from this shop-Rita

9. Jamberry Autism Awareness
Continuing on the theme of Autism Awareness Month… Last week I shared a way to support through a jewelry purchase; this week, here’s a way to get your Jamberry Nails fix AND support autism awareness. I’m not sure if this link to the Facebook event will work, but here is the direct link to the party. -Rita

10. Burn Relief: Aloe
Summer, pools, warm weather!  That means there could be the possibility for sun burns.  Hopefully you wear enough sunscreen.  But if by chance you or your little one gets a little too much sun it’s always great to have an aloe plant at home.  My mom always had one and there is nothing better than fresh aloe gel on a burn.  They are super easy to maintain and bring a little green to your home. -Holly Jo


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