10 Things Tuesday: Jewelry, Firepits, Tents and Sephora

1. The Pits
Since moving to the new house we’ve made all sorts of plans of how we’ll build out the yard and exterior. A permanent fire pit/grill is a no-brainer. We’re looking at completing this project soon and I’ve been doing a little research. This is a pretty thorough tutorial by a ‘real’ couple. We’ll probably use stone from around here for a less conventional look. If anyone has suggestions, please share! -Rita

2. Tent time!
Who loves to camp? I’ll tell you who: your kids! Turns out I had a pop-up tent hidden under Dorothy’s bed I had no idea about! It was a hand-me-down toy and I thought it was something different and had yet to get it out after having it for over 3 months. Got it out last week to realize it was a pop-up dinosaur tent and my two have had the BEST time ever inside with it. Even reading books is more fun in a tent! -Rita

3. Bum Genius
I mentioned in this post that my preferred cloth diaper is the Bum Genius brand. Some styles are currently on sale on the Cotton Babies website, $14.95. It’s also worth joining their mailing list. They have major ‘seconds’ sales where you can find perfectly fine and new diapers that have a small error–like a wrong stitch. I have never noticed any problems with the seconds I have bought for half the cost. -Rita

4. Garden much?
Has anyone else started their spring garden? We are doing ours with my parents… So far we have greens and beets in the ground… Broccoli plants are finally in after being under grow lights. The seed potatoes will go in soon and Mingus’s garlic plants are looking good. Next? Peppers will be soon and the sweet potatoes have been ordered! -Rita
Version 2

5. Qalo Rings
Mingus turns 30 this week! Eek! One thing he requested is a Qalo ring to wear in place of his wedding band. Mingus does a lot of outdoor work with his hands (from gardening to cutting wood–now fire fighting…) The Qalo rings are made of medical grade silcone and meant for those with an active lifestyle where the traditional bands can be disruptive. Mingus would like to save his nice band for nicer occasions and wear the Qalo ring for daily use. They are super cheap and if you husband does a lot of work with his hands–or works out often–good chance he would appreciate this ring! -Rita

6. Fancy Nails
I’ve never been the one to doll myself up so doing it to my daughter isn’t part of my M.O. either; however, that is what Dot has her Auntie Rach around for! My sister painted Lou’s fingers and toes last weekend and Dot LOVED it. She saw it on a Max & Ruby cartoon and has always mimicked painting her nails. Last night in bed we asked her to show them to us again and she had a minor panic when she thought her nail polish color had turned black (because the room was dark). -Rita

7. Shop for a Cause
Early in the month my Facebook feed was flooded with Autism awareness, but it’s kind of died down even though the entire month is dedicated to Autism awareness. Here is something small and simple you can do: shop for a cause on Stella & Dot style. Proceeds go the the Holly Foundation and the original bracelet chosen this year sold out in a matter of days! They added a few more options to continue it through the end of the month. Only $19–get one for yourself or a friend. You may know a stylist or click here to support my friend’s business. -Rita
Make a Difference & Shop for a Cause  Stella & Dot 2016-04-11 23-38-35

8. Catch the flu–Before it catches you.
The flu is in full swing right now.  If you feel like you might have the beginning symptoms of the flu, head to the doctor immediately.  When diagnosed within the first 24 hours they can give you a prescription that will shorten the length and severity.  Nobody wants to be stuck in bed for over 5 days! -Holly Jo

9. Sephora Sale!
Need some new makeup?  The Sephora VIB sale is going on now!  April 12th, today, is the last day for you Beauty Insiders to get 10% off your order.  Beauty Insiders use code BINOTE.  April 13th, is the last day for VIB customers to get 15% off.  VIBs use code VIBNOTE.  Happy shopping! -Holly Jo

10. BFF Time
If you tuned into last Friday’s vlog, you saw Jo & I got together. It was the first time in far too long and it was so much fun! It was also wonderful to see our little mini-me’s having a blast together! Here’s to hoping the warmer weather brings us together more often and allows time for YOU to get together with friends and family you haven’t seen in awhile!
Version 2


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