One Simple Change: Shake It Off

Last Month’s Review: March

Goal:Pack a lunch for the hubs at 3 out of his 5 work days

Fail/Success? Call it even? Mingus did take lunch at least 3 days a week throughout the month; however, I didn’t do it to the extreme I’d hoped. In my defense, Mingus doesn’t like ‘fancy’ or different lunches. If I’d mixed it up too much he probably would not have been excited. I know… That’s weird. He prefers the staples. So we did a lot of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, canned soup and leftovers. I usually added in crackers, chips or pretzels as a snack, and an apple or carrots. He began to really prefer having an apple in there. He also started taking bars for breakfast—mainly the Juice Plus Complete Chocolate bars.

What I got out of it: It was a great reminder in how easy it can be to throw a lunch together. It’s really just a matter of not being lazy and getting out of bed to do it. It also helped us use up leftovers that sometimes end up going bad in the fridge. Additionally, of course, we saved a good amount of money on Mingus not hitting up places like Wendy’s, Arby’s, and Subway on a weekly basis. They really add up! And the other great thing about that is that he was eating much healthier than what he gets at almost any fast food place. (This coupled with the fact he gave up sugar for lent, so he hasn’t been drinking or buying soda is wonderful!)

Moving Forward: I know I prefer, as does Husband, to keep sending him lunches frequently. It’s also good for his sensitive body and all of the weird reactions he has. Even when eating “safe” foods, oftentimes fast-food ends badly. There is butter in something or it’s cooked on the same place where beef was cooked—thing like that affect him highly. The “packed lunch” train is something we’ve wanted to be on for awhile, so I’m planning to stick with it.

New Challenge: April

Goal: Fix smoothies/shakes at least 4x a week


Motivation behind the challenge: This is for me and the kiddos. They love smoothies. Seriously… One day I made smoothies for them, which they finished in no time. They mooched mine immediately following. Later that day we visited my aunt who’d made one for herself… They mooched it. That night, they saw their Nana (who had a smoothie) and they mooched hers. They honestly can’t get enough. But I cannot complain.

What I love about a smoothie is that even if I don’t get tons of fruits/veggies into the kids in a meal, I know the smoothie does that for them… Not just the fruit I put in, but the Juice Plus Complete full of its whole food nutrition. 

But what about me? Why do I need this in my life? Two big reasons:

  1. Rounding Out My “Meals”
    While I do love smoothies, I’ve never gotten into a habit of making them for myself regularly. As a stay-at-home-mom, sometimes you don’t get complete meals. You graze the kids leftovers (sometimes very gross) and nibble as you put their lunches together. Getting smoothies into my daily routine will help guarantee good nutrition AND fill my tummy.
  2. Late Night Cravings
    I found that during my sugar-free lent streak, a chocolate shake or smoothie REALLY hit the spot. Obviously lent is over, and sugar is open for business, but that doesn’t mean I need to jump back on that bandwagon. A chocolate shake at night will also be my easy avenue for getting my count in at the end of the day when smoothie-making just didn’t happen!

I’ll be using my Nutri-bullet and following the basic guidelines I laid out previously in this post.

When’s your favorite time of day to make a shake or smoothie? Share your favorite recipes in the comments!

See some new recipes Holly Jo tried last month and check out this month’s challenge on the vlog!


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