10 Things Tuesday: Vacation, Gardening, Run the Bluegrass & Duck Eggs

1. Run The Bluegrass
Runner or not, you should know this Saturday at Keeneland the Run The Bluegrass half-marathon is taking place. The race is almost a footnote in the annual event that is really all about showcasing all that is the Bluegrass: horses, rolling hills, good people and great bourbon.  My sister is the assistant race director for the event of nearly 5,000 runners. It draws people from all 50 states and even international visitors. These participants do so much more than run: they experience the hidden gem that is Kentucky. Saturday looks to be a pretty day, so it’s a great excuse to visit the Keeneland, experience an awesome atmosphere and visit the expo full of awesome vendors. If you are local and a runner, go ahead and visit the expo Thursday and Friday to see what it’s all about and check out some great running gear. -Rita

2. Growing Vertical
Does the spring weather make you want a garden, but you just don’t have the time or space? Tower gardens are the way to go, my friends! These things require only water–no dirt–and grow tremendously without any pesticides/chemicals. All you need is about a 3-square-foot area. Even if you live in an apartment, it will fit on your balcony or by a nice window. My parents use theirs year-round (even though we also have a large traditional garden) to grow their greens. This is a great way to have your own fresh vegetables. It’s also a great way to teach kids about growing fruits and veggies (and it makes them exciting to eat when they get to help pick them!) -Rita

3. Snack Cup
Our Jake-Man is the messiest eater. He insists on doing everything himself, even though he cannot properly hold a spoon or fork yet. It’s no better when it comes to snacks and he takes handfuls of O’s and tries to shove them all in his mouth at once. We are trying out these cups instead of baggies for the snack. The lid keeps the contents from spilling, while also keeping him from pulling out quite as many at once. -Rita

4. Vacay plans?
The summer is just around the corner! Thinking about going on a vacation? Check out VRBO.  You can rent vacation homes from 2-8 bedrooms. We rented a cabin in Tennessee last year and this year we rented a home in Florida. I highly recommend!  You can find great getaways for amazing prices. -Holly Jo

5. Got milk?
Like drinking milk, but not all the sugar? My neighbor introduced me to FairLife. This milk is all natural, lactose free and has a special filtration system. The milk flows through filters that concentrate the protein and calcium while filtering out the sugars. FairLife also guarantees that their cows are never treated with rBST growth hormones. My daughter loves this milk and on special occasions I will let her have some of the chocolate milk. So good! -Holly Jo

6. Washable markers
For better or worse, Dorothy knows about markers. I don’t really like her to use regular washable markers, though, because the darker colors are still hard to wash off her hands. I decided to try the “Ultra-Clean” Washable Crayola markers as an Easter gift. I thought the label might be only that–a marketing ploy–but it seems to be true. The colors in general are brighter/lighter and they came right off her hands. -Rita

7. Duck eggs
As mentioned in previous posts, Mingus has food allergies, one of which is eggs. That’s a tough one when it comes to baking–something I love to do. There are plenty of substitutes and recipes that are egg-free, but I found an even better solution: duck eggs. For whatever reason, duck eggs do not bring out his reaction. We discovered this because it is actually a known thing that duck eggs tend to be allergy-friendly. Mingus LOVES that he can fix eggs for breakfast again. I love that I can bake normal again. I highly suggest you investigate duck eggs if you have any chicken egg problems. (Duck eggs have lots of great nutrition facts in general.)  -Rita

8. Libraries – More Than Books
As a stay-at-home-mom, the library is a wonderful resource and if you are not visiting yours regularly, you are missing out. Think of it as an indoor playground. Honestly, my kids don’t even pay much attention to the books when we go. Both of the libraries we visit have kid sections that have other fun activities for children, which they love. Additionally, most libraries also have regularly scheduled activities for babies, toddlers and kids. -Rita
Version 2

9. Kite Flying
If you missed my real life post last week, you missed one golden nugget: kite flying. It’s a great time of year for it and if you have toddlers, they will be in awe. A simple kite is dirt cheap; you can get them with the kids’ favorite characters on them. It’s a great outdoor activity in these early spring days. -Rita

10. Easy Watchin’ on Netflix
Who has recommendations on shows or movies on Netflix that are good for partial attention? Right now, husband and I are enjoying The Office, because it’s entertaining but light enough that if one or both of us is not 100% tuned in, we aren’t missing the point. There are plenty of shows I want to engage in, but many nights we just want to throw something on for minor entertainment. Suggestions?  -Rita“““`


2 thoughts on “10 Things Tuesday: Vacation, Gardening, Run the Bluegrass & Duck Eggs

  1. Aileen

    If you like The Office, you should check out Parks and Recreation! It has a bunch of great characters in it, kind of like The Office. We didn’t start getting into it until it’s last few seasons on TV, but it quickly became one of our favorites! (Hopefully it’s still on Netflix… I’m not sure!)


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