10 Things Tuesday: Easter, Magazine Subscriptions, Thomas the Tank Engine & Oops!

1. Happy Spring!
It’s officially here! The season of renewal and new life. Do you have spring traditions? We don’t really at this point; however, I thought of one I might start… On St. Patrick’s Day, we made a stop at a nearby Dairy Dip for some Pistachio Nut ice cream. Of course we were lucky to have a beautiful day, but I’m thinking we may make it a tradition to have St. Paddy’s be our first seasonal trip to the dairy dip each year. We also celebrated the day with green waffles, green hummus, green rice and lots of festive green wear. -Rita
Version 2

2. Fruit Crisps – Freeze Dried Fruit
I love picking up these freeze-dried apples, especially for Jacob, but Dorothy eats them up too. The only ingredient is apples (sometimes I get the kind with cinnamon) and they are so good I have to be sure I don’t eat them all myself! I’ve found other brands of freeze-dried fruits (also with fruit as the only ingredient) that have other options like strawberries. An excellent sweet snack your tots are guaranteed to enjoy! -Rita

3. Magazine subscription gift
We just had two godchildren celebrate birthdays last week, both of which we do not see too often. Instead of mailing a gift, we decided to get them each a magazine subscription–something they can look forward to in the mail all year long. I loved the American Girl magazine growing up, so we got that for the nine-year-old girl. Hubs opted for National Geographic for Kids for our six-year-old nephew–who is already quite advanced in his reading. -Rita

4. Rollback Style
Did you catch Jo’s $30 Walmart challenge last week? I totally have to reiterate it. I did a little Walmart-ing over the weekend and found the cute little pocket tees she found and got one for myself along with a couple pairs of flats and a cute skirt for Easter. The shirts, though, are totally cute and comfortable. Mine was only $5.84. -Rita

5. Easter Treats
What do you put in your toddlers’ Easter baskets in lieu of candy? I’ll admit, I’m not going to totally skip candy. I want some for myself! Mamaw had some yogurt covered raisins that were a hit over the weekend. (Although, Thursday is National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day… So maybe we need those too?) Annie’s Homegrown snacks are another nice route–especially since many of the snacks come in bunny shapes. The gummy snack in particular are fun. Here is another great list of ideas. -Rita 


6. Egg Decorating with Tots
We had a blast decorating eggs last year even though I think Dorothy’s hand stayed colored for a week. I expect some similar mess this year. I stick to the standard colored dyes and nothing fancy at this point. I may see how Lou does with coloring on some of them first with crayons. I also won’t try to push for perfectly colored eggs. I see this as just another fun and messy activity for the kids to enjoy sensory play. Here are some tips for coloring with toddlers. I also saw the suggestion of putting your colors in zip lock baggies so your kids can put the egg in, you zip it shut and let them play with the bag/egg for a while until dyed. -Rita

7. A Day Out With Thomas
Do you have littles who love Thomas the Tank Engine–or trains in general? The Kentucky Railway Museum in New Haven, Ky. is having a special “Day Out With Thomas” event this June. (The event tours through numerous states.) Dorothy has a funny obsession with Thomas that is not so much about the show. She does watch it from time to time, but she has a large toy Thomas (which she actually confiscated from Jacob) that she treats like her best friend. Between that and Jake’s love for all things with wheels, I know we are going to have a blast! -Rita

8. Yay for snuggles!
I don’t get a lot of cuddle time with my kiddos, so I’m just here to gush about some great cuddles I got over the past week. Jacob probably would cuddle, but with another wild one on the loose, there usually isn’t time. I have to get him down to sleep or on his way and immediately off to take care of Lou. Thanks to visiting the in-laws, I not only snuck in a nap, but I got cuddles with my little man during said nap. On top of that, my Lou, who didn’t even want to cuddle as an infant (seriously, whose baby doesn’t want to be rocked and snuggled!?), had a little boo-boo incident. Not that I’d wish that upon her, but the silver lining for me was she just wanted her mama to hold her the rest of the afternoon. Cherish those hugs and snuggles, Mamas!  -Rita

9. Oops!
I have no #9 or #10 for you this week! Consider it my “spring break”. Cheers! -Rita


3 thoughts on “10 Things Tuesday: Easter, Magazine Subscriptions, Thomas the Tank Engine & Oops!

  1. Alyx Kenner

    Hey Peaty! We recently went to EnterTRAINment in Cincy and my boys (the little one and the big one) LOVED it! I was even impressed by the model trains. I’m not sure if they still have the Thomas stuff there still but it would still be worth the trip. 🙂


  2. Oh fun! I remember going to some sort of model train show when Seth had his young obsession and it was so cool! We’ll have to look into that. I’m afraid Jacob’s little willful spirit will lead to an upset little boy when he isn’t allowed to play with the trains!!


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