10 Things Tuesday: St. Patrick’s Day, Disney on Ice, Foundation & Snacks

1. Top O’ the Morning To Ya: Green Eggs
Start St. Patrick’s Day morning right with some green eggs! We discovered a great way to make them a couple of years ago, and it does not involve food coloring. Throw your eggs in a blender along with a handful of spinach! Your eggs just got fun and extra nutritious. You’re welcome! -Rita

2. Pistachio Pudding Dessert
Now that I’ve given you a healthy tip, I’ll balance it with something 100% NOT good for you, but my all-time favorite St. Patrick’s Day treat: Pistachio Pudding Dessert! My mouth waters just thinking about it…! (Plus this post shares some other great St. Patty’s Day food ideas.) -Rita

3. Sand Table FTW!
With a beautiful weekend, we took major advantage of the new outdoor activity table Jacob got for his birthday. Since it’s still not extremely warm, we put sand in both sides and the kids were thrilled! I fell in love, because it means they STAND and play with sand. Sure they still make a mess of themselves, but I have no doubt it saved us a ton of mess since they weren’t sitting and rolling in the sand! I definitely recommend looking into one of these for toddlers. -Rita
Version 2

4. Honestly Delicious (& Healthy) Drink
If you are looking for a drink to give your little one, that is natural, doesn’t have much sugar, but still tastes amazing, look no further.  The Honest brand of juices are fabulous.  Not only does my 2 1/2 year love them, I also find myself pouring a glass when I don’t want to drink water. -Holly Jo

5. Foundation Frenzy
Need a new high end foundation?  Dillard’s is running their foundation frenzy.
Up to $34.99 are $5 off
$35-$54.99 are $10 off
$55 and up are $15 off
You can pre-order now and pick up your foundations this weekend, February 18th – 20th.  This is an amazing deal and I just discovered they run this special every year! -Holly Jo

6. Consignment Sale Tips
Spring consignment sales are underway! I hit my first sale last Friday and cleaned up on cheap play clothes for Dorothy. Tip #1: Find them in your area and look for a Facebook page, because they will probably post pictures as they set up. You can look for particular items without actually attending. Tip #2: Bring your checkbook. Last week their card reading system went down when the line was OUT. THE. DOOR. I thought I’d never get home when I realized they’d started a new line for checks only. Almost no one had checks, so I was out of there in no time! With something like this, you never know when cash or a check will be handy. -Rita

7. My New “Fast Food”
It took me long enough, but I finally order the new Juice Plus Whole Food Nutrition bars and I’m so glad to have them. I mentioned before that we cut out refined sugars for Lent, so this has been another great sweet fix. I also throw them in my purse to go and they do wonders for filling me up so fast food isn’t appealing when I’m out and about.
The Dark Chocolate & Fig has 10g of protein & 5g of fiber.
The Tart Cherry & Honey has 6g of protein & 5g of fiber.
Both are vegetarian, gluten free, non-soy, & non-dairy. -Rita

8. Family of 8?
Welcome to the Hellyer Family! I am the oldest of 6 kids. We are the typical Catholic Family (loud, crazy and like to drink). Hope you enjoy meeting my family! -Holly Jo

9. Disney On Ice
We took the girls to Disney on Ice this weekend and we loved it!!!!  Both girls really enjoyed it!  Even Halle Jane at 7 months!  We were in the front row, so I would recommend close seats for the young ages. Check for shows coming to your area and if you missed the local Kentucky shows, no worries. There are upcoming performances in Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee. –Holly Jo

10. Walmart Steals
I know the nice weather makes us anxious to shop sandals and tank tops, but I picked up some major Walmart winter clearance sales last week. Honestly, they are things I will probably wear year-round. I paid $3 for some cute black and white print leggings and $7 for yoga pants. Think about some staples you’d like next fall and go snatch up some deals while the getting’s good! -Rita


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