10 Things Tuesday: Healthy Snacks, Makeup Tutorial, Learning Apps and a Sad Farewell

1. Family-friendly Snack
My cousin gets these Ancient Grain crackers at Costco and everyone in the family loves them–especially little Jake! Kirkland Signature’s Ancient Grain Crackers are delicious and have six whole grains and seeds: millet, buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, teff and sesame seeds. -Rita

4. Makeup Tutorial! 
This makeup look will last the entire day and uses all drugstore products. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!-Holly Jo

3. Saying Farewell
I received a shocking and devastating email last week from my alma mater (& Jo’s), Bellarmine University. The president of the past 26 years passed away suddenly, impacting the entire BU community in a huge way. There really are not words to express my feelings over the news, but, in short, I credit much of the incredible growth I experienced at BU to his leadership. He was a huge part of creating Bellarmine into the world it is today. -Rita
resize (1)

4. Smoothie Recipe
Mingus and I are keeping refined sugars out of our diet for Lent, and [CONFESSION] I have a major sweet tooth. So this has not been the easiest thing for me. So last week I concocted a fix for my night time ice cream cravings: Chocolate smoothie, of course!
{Chocolate Juice Plus Complete + Vanilla Almond Milk + Greek Yogurt + Peanut Butter + Frozen Banana +Ice} -Rita

5. App for Kids: Colors & I
Like all kids, Dorothy has always been interested in my phone. I like to keep select apps on it for her that help develop whatever she is currently learning. This one, My Colors & I, seemed silly, but I really think it helped not only with her colors, but her word development at 18 months. She went from having a handful of words only I understood, to speaking all sorts of words and then quickly on to stringing them together. Now I’m on the hunt for a good beginner ABC app if anyone has suggestions. -Rita

6. Big Baby Gear at Low Prices
I finally bought Jacob’s new carseat last week and went with the same one we have for Dorothy since I have been satisfied with it and it saved me extra research: Diono Radian R100. The standard retail cost I found was $223. I ended up making my first purchase on Albee Baby, because they not only offered it for $210 (It’s currently only $181.99!), but it was free shipping and no tax–PLUS and additional 10% savings… Bringing the grand total to only $189! -Rita


7. Not-so Permanent Mess
We had a minor incident with a permanent marker on the counter last week. I knew there had to be a quick solution for cleaning it off and I was right: If you have any dry erase markers handy, color over the permanent and then wipe–Zing! Completely gone! Amazing! -Rita

8. Late night chocolate cravings?
Craving sweets at night, but trying to work on that figure and not dig into that chocolate bar.  Try one of these fiber bars.  They aren’t too high in sugar, fat or calories and taste pretty good!  They also help you get rid of some that waste in your body the next morning! -Holly Jo

9. Daylight Savings Ends!
Don’t forget! Change your clocks before you go to bed Saturday night! Of course, if you don’t… You might end up late for church (or just attending a later service!) Obviously, nobody likes losing an hour of sleep, but do you enjoy the longer light in the evenings? Personally, I am not a fan only, because it means my kids don’t think it’s time to go to bed when the sun hasn’t gone down yet! Eek! -Rita

10. Daily Dose of Faith
Mingus spent the best $5 ever when he purchased this little booklet right before Lent began: The Magnificat Lenten Companion. It’s only a pocket-sized book and takes less about 60-90 seconds to read the daily reflection on the day’s reading and most of them leave me with a golden nugget to turnover in my mind and heart throughout the day. You don’t need to be Catholic to gain something out of these reflections. You can still get it as an app for only $1.99.


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