One Simple Change: Packing Healthy

Each month, Jo and I each commit to a One Simple Change (OSC) challenge for the betterment of our physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and family wellness and share the experience with you. Read more here.

Last Month’s Review: February

Goal – Wake up before the kids/with my husband on week days

Fail/Success?  Eh… I did not fail, but I don’t want to call this a complete success because I didn’t get out of it all that I wanted. I did wake up before the kids and have time to myself each morning during the week, but I did not proactively get up EARLY and spend time with the hubs or accomplish things.

What I got out of it: While I may not have done all that I wanted with this challenge, it was not a waste. Even getting up ten minutes before I needed to get the kids out of bed was beneficial. I could go downstairs—not carrying a child—and stretch out my bones and body. I could pour a cup of coffee, brush my teeth… Do whatever I wanted to collect myself and feel a little alive. While my kids do sleep in, usually, once they are awake, they are ready to go, so to have a minute or so of silence was always nice.  And while I did not wake up so early that Mingus and I got to spend time together each morning, the kids still gave me a lot of mornings where I had a solid 30 minutes to myself before hearing them stir. (On occasion, they slept really late and I usually got worried about them at that point!) 

Moving Forward: This is something I know I should continue to do, and fortunately, the kiddos are still not early risers, so I can get away with not getting up at an insane hour. Plus… it kind of ties into my March challenge…

New Challenge: March

Goal: Pack a lunch for the hubs at 3 out of his 5 work days

Motivation behind the challenge: So many motives… To start, tying back to last month, one problem I had with trying to get up early is how draggy I feel when rolling out of bed. There were mornings I’d get up just as hubs walked out the door, and when he was gone, I stood there with a cup of coffee zoned out in a daze. Why was I not asleep still?

Having a purpose for being awake when I feel like the walking dead would help roll me out of bed—and help me get up in time to actually see my husband. Other reasons to pack lunches?

  • Fast food gets old
  • Fast food and healthy don’t really go together
  • With his food allergies and sensitive digestive track, even foods that are ‘safe’ can end up making him sick for one reason or another.
  • It adds up—more than it should. 

I am only aiming for three days a week because I know that it’s fairly common that he eats lunch with a supplier, his team goes out to lunch together (which I don’t want him to miss) or there is a lunch meeting of some sort.

I’ve done some ‘research’ even though it should be fairly simple since my mom packed me a lunch from kindergarten until senior year of high school. However, my obstacle comes with that whole food allergy thing. Mingus cannot eat dairy, eggs, pork or beef. That cuts out a lot when you think about cheese or mayo! Basically, I have to think vegan–but I can throw in some poultry.

The only benefit to his food allergies is now he is open to just about anything his body tolerates. He tells me that he could eat PB&J everyday, but I’m not that cruel. (By the way, he is onboard with bringing his lunch—he is SO over fast food!)


Here is my running list:


  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich
  • Soup
  • Bean & Rice Burrito
  • Peanutbutter crackers
  • Chips & Salsa/Guacamole
  • Hummus (with veggies, crackers or pita chips)
  • Hummus or Veggie Wraps
  • Juice Plus Complete Bars
  • Pasta Salad
  • Fruit (whole or canned)
  • Applesauce
  • Celery w/ peanut butter
  • Raw vegetables
  • Nuts/Dried Fruit
  • Pretzels
  • Popcorn

Non-Vegan (Poultry)

  • Turkey Sandwich/Wrap
  • Chicken Salad made with avocado
  • BLT with Turkey Bacon

For more great lunch ideas check out Notes From a Newlywed and Humble In A Heartbeat.

BUT if lunch isn’t where you’re struggling to feed your family… No worries! Jo’s March challenge is to try some new recipes also! Also, Jo used the month of February to try some new, creative activities with her toddler and you can see/hear how they turned out and which ones were winners.


2 thoughts on “One Simple Change: Packing Healthy

  1. Alyx Kenner

    We tried using an avacado instead of mayo with tuna salad and it was AMAZING! 2 cans of tuna, half an onion chopped, a stalk of celery chopped and a medium avacado chopped then smashed. We like it so much better than the mayo version. 🙂


  2. I don’t know if you saw where I listed chicken salad with avocado on the small list at the end but I know what you’re talking about!! But I have yet to try it with tuna! (He will have to remind me if tuna is a fish he can eat or not…) Either way, it is an AWESOME substitute–I agree! Thanks! 😀


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