10 Things Tuesday: Time Capsule, Girl Scout Cookies, Highlighter Cream and The Zoo

1. Leap Year Time Capsule
We created a mini-time capsule on Monday that we will open on the next February 29th (2020!). I included everything from some of Dorothy’s artwork as well as a hand and foot print of each kid. (That was a messy task!) I also threw in a list of their latest favorites or habits, etc. I wrote out some of the things going on in our lives as well as the current status of the presidential race, since Leap Year corresponds with presidential election years. I also included what t I think our life might be in 2020. (Hubs was a dear and did it too!) -Rita

2. Rachel’s Gift
If you caught me in last Friday’s vlog, I gave a sneak peek of the gift I made (Dorothy made) for my sister’s birthday. Dot’s VERY into watercolor paints, so I cut some of her paintings and mounted them on a board and framed it. I got a the frame at a local consignment shop and planned to spray paint it, until all opinions agreed that the vintage gold look went well with the colors. -Rita

3. Girl Scout Cookies
Do you know how I can never forget when Girl Scout cookies go on sale? Because it’s always during Lent–when I can’t eat them! That’s probably a good thing for both my diet and my wallet, BUT… here’s a little secret and don’t hate me for this–I promise I am not trying to destroy Girl Scouts. BUT… my cousin introduced me to AMAZING Dollar Store “Girl Scout” cookies… And i’m not talking “They are so similar”… But they are seriously straight up GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!! And they are a FRACTION of the cost. Family Dollar, specifically, is where we have found them and they only have certain flavors, but O.M.G. I’m obsessed!!-Rita

4. Get it All at Aldi
If you by chance have an Aldi’s in your area definitely check them out.  Their prices beat Walmart by a landslide! They have an amazing selection of produce, meat, milk and almost any grocery item you can think of. They also have great prices on children’s toys! -Holly Jo
They also have a nice organic food selection. And their spices are cheap!! -Rita

5. Snapea  Snacks
Looking for a healthy snack for your toddler? Check out these snap peas. They are low in fat, low in sodium, have a good amount of protein and are great way to get veggies in your child’s diet!  They also taste amazing! -Holly Jo
6. Highlighting
Highlighting your face with make up is all the rage right now!  This drugstore product is actually a cream eyeshadow but works amazingly as a cream highlighter!  Check out the Maybelline color tattoo in barely branded. -Holly Jo

7. Zoo Trip
I never would have guessed our first trip to the zoo would be in February, but, Hey! When February gives you 70-degree days, you can’t say “No!” We visited my brother’s family in Louisville for a fantastic day at the Zoo. Not only was it great to be outside and see the kids have a blast, but it was the first time we’ve really gotten to spend time with them in three months. I think Dot was a little overwhelmed–not used to the mass amounts of people, but she loved it nonetheless. It’s an awesome thing their little ones won’t get tired of any time soon. If your city has a local zoo, you should definitely look into a family pass. -Rita
Version 2

8. Fried Provolone
One of the best parts of hanging with my sister? She’s a cheese lover! And I now living a world of limited cheese intake because of Mingus’s allergies. She ended up forgetting the cheese she brought down on her birthday in my fridge, and she reminded me of a GREAT use for the provolone cheese!  FRYING it! (Everything is better fried, right? This coming from the gal who is supposed to give you ‘healthy’ eating advice?) Seriously, though… It was no-meat Friday in our Catholic house and some fried provolone was delish. Just cut the slices plenty thick and add butter or oil to the pan.  -Rita

9. “Savor the Flavor  of Eating Right”
Now that I’ve revealed my dirty little cheese and cookie secrets, I should balance that by announcing March is National Nutrition Month! The 2016 theme (btw, this is something that has been around since 1980 to promote nutritional awareness) is “Savor the Flavor of Eating Right.” Here are some ideas on how to participate this month. Check out the school and workplace ideas. If your kids are old enough, studying some nutrition labels is a great idea. Also, what with spring on the way, why not start some seeds for a garden! -Rita 
10. The Bluegrass is Making History
Not to go all political here–because that’s not what this space is for–but I have to say, I hope all registered Republican Kentuckians take part in history and vote in the first ever Kentucky Caucus this Saturday. I’ll confess to having had no idea about it until recently and assumed the presidential primary would take place in May, like always. Find out where your county’s voting location is here-Rita 


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