10 Things Tuesday: Leap Year, Pillows, Spring Fever and Smoothies

1. Early Spring? Please?
Holy Sunshine, Batman! We had a 70-degree Saturday! If THAT doesn’t make you ready for Spring, I don’t know what will!! While everyone else was already posting how “over” the snow they were several weeks ago, I was honestly still fine with it… But a taste of being outside in nothing but jeans and a light jacket and letting the kids run free? Give me more, please! -Rita

2. Cute suits
Speaking of spring fever… Even though it’s still February, it’s hard to not start dreaming of sandy beaches, the lake and poolside fun. These suits are stinkin’ cheap and there are a lot of cute ones! I can’t speak for their quality, but at this cost, is it not totally worth trying one (or two!)? Maybe it’s because of my stretched out double-delivery tummy, but I’m digging the high waste look I’m seeing this year.  -Rita

3. Leap Year Fun
Besides the fact it means it is a presidential election year, does Leap Year have any significance to you? I found this list of fun Leap Year activities for kids. I love the time capsule idea… What a fun thing to look forward to every four years, especially when you have kids! This list has crafts, recipes and even free printables. -Rita

4. Practice Makes Perfect
This week’s homily gave me a new perspective on how we embrace faith and spirituality. It’s common to hear the term a “practicing Catholic” or “practicing Christian”. Do you ever consider the term “practice” and what it means? If you are devoted to something and want to improve at it you practice… And you practice it regularly. As athletes, we practice basically every day. Wherever your faith and spirituality lie, is it important enough for you to practice daily so that you can improve?  -Rita

5. Sleeping Soundly
If you are looking for a pillow that makes you feel as if you are sleeping on a cloud, then look no further.  The Indulgence pillow by Isotonic is by far the most amazing pillow I have ever laid my head on.  I now have my mom, sister, husband and sister-in-law all hooked.  You can find them at Bed Bath & Beyond.  Also, don’t forget to use your BB&B 20% off coupon. (Quick side note: BB&B accepts expired coupons!) -Holly Jo

6. Beauty Tuber
I am loving this beauty YouTuber, Allana Davison.  She is super cute, from Canada, tons of fun to watch and uploads great makeup tutorials.  Check her out, you won’t be disappointed! -Holly Jo

7. Signs of a cold? Smoothie, please!
I started to feel the first signs of a cold last week–eek! So what did I do? I doubled-down on my Juice Plus, took extra vitamin d, took Cold-Eeze multiple times a day, got my sleep (even took a legit nap when the kids napped one day!), drank cold care tea, and hit up the smoothies! We were all about strawberry-mango-banana with almond milk (and Complete Protein). Thankfully, it all worked and nothing come of the cold. What do you do at the first sign of a cold? -Rita

8. Who’s ready for Fuller House?
February 26! It’s coming, coming, coming… And if you don’t have Netflix. Well, I’m sorry. I didn’t even watch it regularly growing up since I was under extremely strict TV-watching guidelines, but it was definitely a thrill when I managed to see an episode, and I still love reruns. Fingers crossed that this won’t be a disappointment. -Rita

9. Hummus To Go
We were out and about last Saturday and it was nearing supper time for the kids and Hero Husband snatched this little snack up while doing our quick grocery run. Dot was getting grumpy and hungry, and I didn’t want to feed her junk. Hummus is a pretty big staple in our house anyway, so she was thrilled with this single-serving size hummus & pretzel snack.  -Rita

10. Fuzzy Nails? Furrrr Realz?? (See what I did there?)
Okay, this is random and weird, so I apologize… Is this for real? How is this in anyway fashionable even in the extreme way? I mean, I will admit to not being a big nail polish gal–never have been for whatever reason–but fur from my nails? I’m not sure if I’d hate how it felt more or how it looked! I challenge someone–anyone–to tell me they’d do this and why! Eek!


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