10 Things Tuesday: Nordstrom, Fish Fries, Play-Doh, and 24-Hour Make-Up

1. Valentine Snow
I hope your Valentine’s Day was fabulous. Mine was simple, but more than enough. The weekend consisted of flowers, homemade cards, sushi at home, and back-to-back movie nights with the hubs. The kids were on great behavior and we had another great snowfall, which just added an extra level of romanticism to the day. Plus, my random gift for hubs not only surprised him but made him happy in a little kid excited kind of way. That made my heart pitter-patter. -Rita

2. Insta-Crushing
I have another favorite Insta-mom to share with you all! Christina Boyce is a mom of 3 due with number 4 soon. She is coffee obsessed and posts some really goofy stuff (both the things she says and the pictures themselves). She hosts lots of giveaways, because she loves supporting small business, and to top if off, she loves God fiercely (even though she curses like a sailor). If you’re a blog lover, she also has one of those-Rita

3. Brushes on a Budget
Need new makeup brushes, but don’t want to fork out a fortune on them? Check out these brushes by E.L.F. They are inexpensive and apply makeup really well. My favorite is the flat kabuki brush, pictured below. Perfect for applying foundation. You can find these brushes at Target and Wal-Mart. -Holly Jo

4. Winter Clearance!
Looking for some high end deals? Don’t miss out on the Nordstrom Winter Clearance. The sale will continue now through February 21st and they have some major steals. -Holly Jo

5. Fireman Mingus
Mingus got his firefighter turnout gear this week! He’s training to be a certified volunteer firefighter and it’s much more involved than I ever knew. He basically has to get the same training as a professional fighter, but in his “free” time. He’s been putting in a lot of hours lately, and now has the full gear to partake in some of the real training. I still have not let myself completely “go there” in realizing what it will mean once he is certified; the kind of risk he will be taking when he responds. I am so proud of him for embracing this community I grew up in and giving back in such a big way. -Rita

6. All Day & All Night Make Up
New YouTube makeup tutorial! This is a lot of makeup (I know), but if you want something that lasts all day and through the night, this should work! It is most likely not something you will be able to do everyday; however, it is perfect if you need your makeup to look flawless and last all day.
-Holly Jo

7. Fish Fry Friday
One of the greatest parts of Lent: Fish Fry Fridays! It’s one of the things I really miss about living in a city, particularly a bigger one. There were so many fish fry options in Louisville! If there are any local fish fries going on in your area, I suggest hitting one up–whether you are Catholic or not, a member of that particular parish or not. Sure, they can be chaotic, but it’s full of family and love and fellowship.  Go enjoy some fried fish, some bad-for-you sides like hush puppies and fries, (if it’s a fancy fry you might have options like cole slaw, beans, etc.) and a slew of tasty homemade dessert options. (And even if you have issues with fish, most have pizza or hotdog options, too.) -Rita

8. Play-Doh Success!
What a mom win! I picked up a few 99-cent Play-Doh  containers recently and let Dot have her first experience with the stuff. Oh. My. Goodness! She LOVES it! I know the novelty of all things eventually wears off with toddlers, but the girl seriously spent an hour completely consumed and playing with it (making a ‘cake’). I had to monitor the little guy, because he still loves to taste-test most things, but otherwise it was awesome to see her entertain herself for that long. I know some activities sound messy, so it’s easy steer away, but if you come up with the right game plan on how to do it, they can be SO worth it! -Rita
Version 2

9. Pinterest-ing
We are now adding our posts to Pinterest and would love for you to share them here as well! We’ll probably branch out to more specific boards, but for now we have one for parenting and motherhood and another for beauty, fashion and lifestyle. If you found any of our videos or posts helpful, we’d love for you to Pin it on one of your boards to share with others. Also, share anything with me on Pinterest that you think might be of interest to us. -Rita

10. Hobby Lobby Spree
As part of my Christmas, hubs gave ma  Hobby Lobby “shopping spree” since a store just opened up locally (as ‘local’ as it gets to the middle of nowhere). So not only do I have money to spend, but he’s letting me go sans-kiddos. BUT… I still haven’t made the trip! Why? Because I haven’t decided what project to take on! Our home is slowly being settled, but there is so much I still want to add and do, decor wise, to make it homey. So…. What are some of you favorite projects you’ve done for your home to make it more homey and unique? Please share to give me some inspiration! -Rita


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