10 Things Tuesday: Valentine’s Deals, Sephora, King Cakes and Lent

1. Share the Love Giveaway – Enter Now!
Have you entered? Ladies! We’re talking some sweet stuff: Kate Spade clutch, Noonday necklace, Zoya nail polish, and $25 Starbucks card. Just follow this blog (Their is an email sign up in the side bar!) and our YouTube channel. Also leave a comment on one or both telling us what you love (or hate!) about Valentine’s Day. The full details on the contest can be found here-Holly Jo & Rita


2. Sweet Deals on Sweet Smells
If you like higher end perfume but you don’t want to pay an exorbitant amount for one bottle check out your local Gordman’s. They have multiple high end brands including Marc Jacobs, Juicy Couture and, my personal favorite, Burberry!  They are also constantly sending out coupons which can be used on the already discounted price.  Below is a coupon running now through Valentine’s Day, February 14th. -Holly Jo
Gordmons3. First Birthday Fun
Tomorrow is the day! Jacob turns one! We had a simple family gathering to celebrate over the weekend. As predicted, he was way more into it than Dot was on her 1st. He never cares to make a mess of himself and he was full of smiles. It’s just hard to believe my baby is moving on to toddler-hood! Send him some birthday wishes, friends! -Rita

Version 2

4. Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation Review
I have been searching for the perfect drugstore foundation to use everyday in place of Dior Airflash and I think I may have found a winner. I was at the grocery store and on a whim I picked up the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation. It is amazing. I cannot say enough good things about this foundation. If you are on the fence or need a good drugstore foundation, try this one out! See the full review here. -Holly Jo

5. Must-Have Lip Balm
Best Lip Balm ever! The Sephora Kiss Me Balm. I use it at night and in the morning.  My lips are always dry during the winter and this product has helped tremendously! -Holly Jo


6. Insomnia Cookies
Pizza and Chinese aren’t the only ones delivering late night cravings. Last week I had an overnight with my girlfriends and we stayed at a downtown hotel. After walking to dinner we really didn’t feel like driving anywhere, but we were very much craving some ice cream! Sooooooo…. Guess what we discovered from Dr. Google: Delivery ice cream PLUS cookies! Insomnia Cookies. There it was, midnight, and we ordered our ice cream and cookies right to our hotel! Ah-mazing! This is actually a chain, so check your area. And if this specific one does not exist, check for something similar. -Rita


7. Breakout!
Nerd Alert, you guys! Have you heard of this activity? Breakout is a great “something” to do with friends to mix it up from dinner or a movie. Your fairly small group (ours was 8) is given a situation/crime and an objective, and you have an hour to complete that objective. This particular chain is spreading regionally (KY, OH, TN, IN, GA, AL), but the same concept may exist in other areas by another name. I first heard of it about a year ago and I totally did not get it. I thought you just sat in a room with people discussing clues and trying to solve a puzzle–almost like a board game. All wrong! You are on the scene of the crime, deciphering codes, picking locks, and using black lights to read hidden messages. It was like Clue in real life! -Rita

8. King Cake!
Happy Fat Tuesday! I wish I could tell you I’m celebrating well, but let’s be honest. I’m just trying to sneak leftover birthday cupcakes when the kids aren’t watching! BUT… an easy way to have fun with the holiday is buying (or baking) a King Cake. The full history and explanation can be read here, but they are a popular part of Mardi Gras and a lot of bakeries have them available for Fat Tuesday, even outside of New Orleans. The cake is typically in the shape of a giant circle (like a donut) and a tiny baby is baked inside. Whoever’s slice has the baby inside is said to be granted good fortune/luck. I suppose you can say my experience was that way… One year at my office I did get the baby… That Friday I found out I was pregnant… Maybe getting the baby means something else? -Rita



9. Lent: Giving up or Just Giving
Speaking of Fat Tuesday… That makes tomorrow Ash Wednesday, beginning the Lenten season. Lent has always been a part of my life, being Catholic, but when I attended a Catholic college I found that many people acknowledge the season despite their beliefs. It can be a time to give-up sweets or bad habits, but that is not all Lent is about. Catholic or not, I challenge you to use the 40 days (technically 47, I believe) leading up to Easter to give a part of yourself over. That may mean giving up something you enjoy in your life ( like sweets), or it can mean finding a way to take more time for others in an intentional way. It could also mean finding time to mediate, pray or self reflect. Find a way to simplify in order to build up. -Rita

10. Discount Tip – ASK for a discount
Sometimes wheeling and dealing isn’t just for salesmen and large purchases. This Insta-Mom reminded me of that recently when she shared how she got 30% off this super cute dress simply because she spotted a small blush stain on it and asked for a deal. Then she went home and cleaned out the blush no problem! This can be the same with rips or tears if you know anything about sewing. Just remember, if you ever spot a flaw on an item when shopping, it won’t hurt to ask if you can purchase it at a discount! -Rita



2 thoughts on “10 Things Tuesday: Valentine’s Deals, Sephora, King Cakes and Lent

  1. Can’t believe Jake man is already 1!!?? Happy Birthday to him, and go mama ❤ I want to do Breakout so bad. Also, totally remember you telling me the King Cake story that day, since I think we went to mass together that evening.


  2. Yes, you will definitely LOVE Breakout! And yes, we actually had a “Tuesday Beer Night” reunion that Fat Tuesday in Louisville, so I’m sure I told everyone about the King Cake incident!


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