One Simple Change: Early Riser! {+GIVEAWAY!}

Each month, Jo and I each commit to a One Simple Change (OSC) challenge for the betterment of our physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and family wellness and share the experience with you. Read more here.

Last Month’s Review: January

Goal – Use my ab roller every day to get myself back on track to toning my body post-pregnancy (make that TWO pregnancies!)

Fail/Success? Success. There were only about four days I missed completely, but I liked to tell myself I made up for most of those by doubling down the next day. I’m not sure what happened the last weekend of the month… Somehow I forgot both days and I sure hope it’s not a sign as to where this will go post-January!

What I got out of it: On the up side, it was a good reminder of how little time it takes to do an in-home workout like that and that it does not have to be a huge deal. However, on the flip side….it assured me that my regular work out and in-shape days are long, long ago! The reality that three years of nothing cannot be made-up for in one month was quite clear! I may have worked through my initial week’s soreness and noticed a gain in strength, I have a looooong way to anything resembling a six-pack!

Moving Forward: This was a simple enough daily task there is no reason not to continue. If anything, I should step it up, but for now I just want to push myself to continue working out to some degree each day. I’m “blessed” with petite genes, but that does not make me healthy.

New Challenge: February

Goal: Wake up before the kids/with my husband on week days

Motivation behind the challenge: I’m not a morning person. Never have been. I always kind of assumed that once I had kids, I’d start getting up early, but no such luck. I stay in bed as long as the kids let me…Every. Day. When I do roll out I’m all groggy and immediately bombarded with the mayhem of the day. It’s really not even fair to my poor children to deal with a mombie. Plus, I know having a solid morning routine is the best way for anyone to start the day.

What I hope to get out of it: Where to begin… I feel I have so much to gain by this! You’re likely to learn that I love lists… so let’s make a list, shall we?

  1. Some non-kid time: I get some time to myself before the Lallybroch Kids rise and run for the day. Dot doesn’t stop talking from the moment she wakes. I can’t turn my back on Jake for a second or he’s somewhere he shouldn’t be. If I can get over the initial tiredness and pull myself out of bed, that time to pull myself together without will do so much for both me and them.
  2. Enjoy a cup of HOT coffee: Seriously… I am constantly retracing my steps to see where I set my coffee down… And I usually find it luke warm or cold and only half gone. It’s dangerous to leave it most places with two little ones on the loose. (Honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t had more coffee dump disasters in the past two years.) To enjoy a cup of HOT coffee in peace, daily… That’s a whole extra level of starting the day out on the right note.
  3. Some Husband time! To have a chance to start the day with My Mingus (more than just giving him a half-asleep smooch before he walks out the door) is really the only motivation I need for this goal. Seriously, I feel bad every morning he gets up to head to work and I am laying in bed. Plus, I do love my children beyond words, but sometimes I miss my husband. So much of our time is chasing little ones where our conversations are interrupted and distracted. And while we do have a couple of hours at night together, we are both beat at that point (not to mention I’m usually working). A chance to have a conversation in the morning? I want that.
  4. Morning Reflection & Me-Time: I know writing this will only jinx it, but I’ll tell you anyway… Lately the kids have blessed me with sleeping in. So after having some Mingus time, if they continue on this path, I’d have some solo time! I don’t take a lot of “me” time most days. If you’re a mom, you know this is necessary. If you’re not a mom, that may sound silly, but it’s true. If you don’t take time to forget the endless chores and let go of the kiddo upkeep and touch base with the things that made you YOU before parenthood, you might get lost. I’d love to use time to read or get back to my journaling.

Jo did an awesome job getting a lot of her house organized last month and this month she has picked out the CUTEST toddler activities to do with her little SJ. Jump over to the vlog to hear about them and she’s got links to them all as well. Next month she’ll let you know which ones are winners.

Speaking of winners………..

[CLOSED!] Valentine’s Day Giveaway Time!!


[GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Congratulations to KaraBeth on winning! We hope you thoroughly enjoy this fabulous set of prizes. Thanks to everyone who supported and entered! Don’t worry… This won’t be our last giveaway!] I know we mentioned it forever ago and you probably thought we were big fat liars, but instead we are just busy moms who took awhile to get it together.

Anyway, we have a fabulous little package of goodies for a lucky winner. It’s really just our way of saying THANK YOU to our earliest followers in this adventure and show you a little love… And of course we’re hoping you give us a little love in addition.

Jump over to the giveaway page to get the details on how you can be entered to win! (Or check the Vlog for details.)

(And guys are welcome to enter too… You have to know a lady who would love these prizes and you can always keep the Starbucks for yourself and she’ll still be thrilled with everything else!) [GIVEAWAY CLOSED]


11 thoughts on “One Simple Change: Early Riser! {+GIVEAWAY!}

  1. Wishing you the best of luck with early morning! I miss the days of sleeping in…little man likes to get up between 6 and 6:30. Every. Single. Morning. haha. SO enjoying reading your new blog! ❤ (and HJ's vlog!)


  2. OOo, also, favorite thing about Valentine’s Day: the day after and cheap amazing chocolate 😉 Also, having an excuse to celebrate the love in my life: for hubs, little man, friends, etc…


  3. Dani fo fani

    Mombie! That made me smile. That will definitely be me. Mornings are not my friend…I just grunt at Craig when he gets all chatty. What I’m looking forward most to for Valentine’s day is my husband’s homemade tiramisu. He learned it was my favorite and made it for our first Vday so I told him he has to make it every year. Also, we always cook dinner instead of going out, but try to make something we have tried before. He even made goat one year since we tried it at a restaurant once.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SO jealous of the tiramisu! I can’t really even dream of that since Mingus can’t eat it… Maybe I can at least request some one year…. And I had no idea you’d tried GOAT before!


  4. Lauren Johnson

    My favorite thing about Valentines Day is letting my little boy Clay pick out valentines to give to his friends and also reading all the cards my students give to me at school. We also like to go out and have a nice dinner! I absolutely love your blog!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kids + Valentine’s Day is the cutest thing! Seriously… I love it already and my kids are so young… And I CANNOT imagine the cuteness as a teacher!! (And I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog!!! Thanks!!)


  5. Alyx Kenner

    I’m really excited about this Valentine’s Day because I have some fun activities for my Big Guy to do/make. I can’t wait! ☺️ I’d have to say that I love Valentine’s Day because of all of my Valentines, big and small! I am very fortunate to have so many!


  6. Thanks, everyone, for participating in our giveaway!! Congratulations to KaraBethU on winning the Share the Love package! Hope you enjoy!

    This won’t be our only giveaway. We’ll definitely be doing it again, so stay tuned, friends!


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