10 Things Tuesday: Cake & Ice Cream, Tutus & Prayer

1. Adulting Night–What’s a girl to do?
I get to have a night away with the girls! (Finally… We’ve been trying to make this happen since October!) After those two straight weeks at home… it will be QUITE nice! My two college roomies and I used to celebrate Fat Tuesday by making ourselves absolutely sick on ice cream in order to help us through no sweets during Lent. Now we rarely see each other–especially just the three of us with no kids–so this Friday will be quite a throwback to our old times together. How do you like to spend time with the girls sans-kids? Any suggestions on things we MUST do?


2. 6-Minute Cake For the Win!
Some moms would not agree, but a go-to rough day activity for me and the kids is to bake. Yes, it’s usually messy, but it’s great entertainment, great hands-on fun, and the end result is tasty for all! I’ve been making this chocolate cake recipe for my husband for years since he can’t have eggs. It’s so simple (9 Ingredients) and tastes great… With kids it takes a lot longer than six minutes, but that’s half the point.


3. Happy Groundhog Day – Let’s eat ice cream!
Groundhog Day… What a silly holiday and isn’t it strange that everyone actually knows about it? There are so many obscure holidays that we don’t collectively celebrate or acknowledge that are so much better than this one. For example: the first Saturday of February is Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. I just figured out your Saturday breakfast plans. Your welcome. (And I think this fits perfectly in with our Girls’ weekend mentioned previously! I think we know what we’ll be doing for breakfast!)

4. Let us pray.
I read something this week that was a great reminder for me… I pray for my children daily, but I should pray not just for them presently and their individual future, but prayers for their future spouse. Whoever that soul is–even if it is not in our world yet–is so important as well. I actually did it for myself before Mingus and I got together. I began to realize that no matter where my life was–how good–if there was someone I was meant to be with, HIS life had to also be in the right place for the two of us to come together as God planned. There was no way for me to know who that person was or what struggles he was facing, and it did not matter that there wasn’t a name or face to pray for. I knew somewhere in my heart who I was praying for. Turns out, he did need praying in that time. Who knows where my children’s lives will end up, but I pray frequently they can stay in touch with their Christ-self; that they may know the path meant for them. And in case no one else is praying for whoever might be a soul mate to one of them, I pray for those souls as well.

5. My New Title: WAHM
I learned a new term for myself this week: WAHM. I usually consider myself a Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM), but I then clarify to people that I work from home too. It can be kind of confusing, because I am definitely a full-time mom. But I read a bio this week where someone called herself a WAHM. I was all like “Work At Home Mom–That’s me!” I run my Juice Plus business and I do marketing/project management for MoneyPath. It’s awesome how today we have the opportunity to be at home with our kids and work a job at the same time. It requires some real time management and organization, but it’s totally worth it. Who else is a WAHM and how do you make it work?

6. My New Nickname: Mama-Mia
Speaking of names for myself…My two-year-old has come up with her own nickname for me and I think it’s awesome. I mean, it’s one thing when you’re older and you give your parent or friend a nickname. But how does a toddler do it without being instructed to do so? Not sure, but when Dot is in her best moods she sings out, “Mama-Mia! Mama-Mia!!” I thought maybe it was a random week-long thing, but it’s been going on for awhile, so I’ve embraced it. I love being her one and only Mama Mia!

Photo on 1-29-16 at 1.21 PM

7. Tutu Fun
I have so many friends preggo right now and they are slowly finding out their genders. Sometimes it seems they come in waves but this time the stork distributed pretty evenly in my world. I was beside myself ecstatic, though, to find out my dear friend and mama to four beautiful boys is expecting a girl in June. She is so close to her mom and sister. She is an amazing photographer and homeschooling mom and loves her boys beyond words, but for her to have a daughter will be so special, I just know. (Can you imagine four big brothers??) I’m not huge on Dot being a little princess, girly-girl, but let me tell you: the girl L-O-V-E-S being a ballerina! I found these cute but super cheap tutus during the holidays and used them as stocking stuffers. With as often as Dot wears her, I totally got my money’s worth!

Version 2

8. Daniel Tiger Live
Who else has littles who love Daniel Tiger and his gang? Dot’s obsessed and, I’ll admit, I love it too. Sure, I definitely get burnt out when she wants to watch the same episode for a week straight, but I love the little lessons and I love that it’s a throwback to Mr. Rogers and his Land of Make Believe. So I’m so excited to take Lou to Daniel Tiger Live this Spring. Check the tour dates/locations for yourself here.


9. Super Bowl Notes
I’ll be cheering for the Broncos even though I don’t follow NFL. (I managed to win our Fantasy League in the regular season, though. Don’t ask how that happened!)
The math works like this:
Husband = Hoosier = Colts Fan = Peyton Manning Fan = Broncos Fan
I’m curious to see how this Coldplay halftime show goes…
Mingus likes to make BBQ wings for the game. Anyone have suggestions for a dairy/egg-free (vegan) snack we can try?

10. For those concerned…
If you read my January Real Life post… Don’t worry, I have since been able to leave my home! It’s kind of ridiculous when I walk through the woods to your parents’ house is a big adventure, but homemade pizza at mom’s last Friday felt GREAT! On top of that, the next day we actually left the Valley and visited the library! Dorothy found her favorite book in no time and we, of course, checked out Panda’s Busy Day again.


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