10 Things Tuesday: Snowpocalypse, Fashion & Beauty Vlogs, Jane & Taxes

1. Zaycon Chicken
We eat a LOT of chicken in this house. And by that I mean… Mingus can’t eat most meats (beef and pork being two biggies), so that makes chicken a main staple. I’m actually 100% OK with it, as we did not eat beef or pork much growing up. I discovered Zaycon a couple of years ago, and they actually sell a lot more than chicken breast. We get a bulk amount and have to freeze it ourselves, but it’s a great price and it’s SO nice to just have in the deep freeze and not worry about constantly restocking on grocery trips. -Rita

2. Thanks, Jane!
Do you ever shop on JANE? I’m addicted to at least checking out the deals. So many cute, cute things: jewelry, clothes, boots and kiddo clothes. In my book, not everything on there is a ‘deal’. (Be sure to check shipping, because it varies from product to product.) But I do find steals from time-to-time. And while I love to shop brick and mortar, luxury shopping rarely [NEVER] happens with a 1 and 2 year old in my care. Online shopping is my only hope. I snatched this ear warmer that arrived just in time for our big snow. Seriously. $3. Love it! -Rita

3. The Walk-Talkie Must-Have App
Voxer is the greatest tool I have on my phone! I’ve been using it for a year and a half and as a stay-at-home, working mom, it’s a lifesaver. It works like a walkie-talkie and to explain it, one might wonder why you wouldn’t just call or text instead… This is why: Sometimes a phone call isn’t necessary for what you need, but when carrying and chasing little ones, texting is impossible. I have made everyone get this app–my boss, my friends, family… You can even create groups for collaboration. It’s free unless you want to upgrade. -Rita

4. Lost & Found
If you don’t know, some of the Bluegrass got a TON of snow… So Dot’s prayers to the snow gods were answered. We probably ended up with 18+ inches in 24 hours on Friday. We did venture out (on foot) to visit my parents that night, but my phone fell out of my pocket in the process! We weren’t even sure if it was lost inside or outside. I dug in the snow for a good hour (at night with snow still coming down) with no luck. Somehow it survived ALL NIGHT and Hero Hubs found it when shoveling in the morning! Thank the high heavens I’m not buying a new iPhone! (Good work OtterBox) (Tune into Real Life with Rita on Friday for full details on our snow-ventures.) -Rita

6. Baby Deprivation
My newest nephew turned a month old over the weekend and I still have not even held him!! I did see him at less than a week old, but I had a slight cold and kept my distance. He was supposed to visit this past weekend, but the snowpocalypse ruined that. And just look how much change happens in one quick month! On top of that Mingus’s cousin had her baby girl, but she is four hours away. All these babies I need to hold! -Rita

5. Changing Perspective
Sometimes a new perspective makes all the difference. Hubs is training to be a certified volunteer firefighter, so every Thursday night he is gone. Initially I kind of dreaded it. I love that he’s doing it in our small community, but by Thursdays, a week at home with the kids is wearing on me and having him home is something I really look forward to. Knowing he is coming home only to leave again started to get depressing. But now I’m enjoying those evenings. Thursday nights were my favorite in college. It sort of felt like the beginning of the weekend. Now I have quiet time to myself to work, blog, enjoy Netflix–whatever I choose, and it’s very refreshing. Remember to not let little things in life throw you off. There is always a silver lining. -Rita

7. Busy Toddler – The Must-Have Supply List
Another Insta-Mom I follow is @busytoddler. She’s winning in all ways with the activities she does with her 2.5 and 1 year olds. Most of her ideas are actually very simple, though, and it’s more about having the right supplies on hand. She shared this post recently with her 14 must-have supplies for toddler play. I’m definitely going to be buying a shower curtain liner and some of the other suggestions. If you have little ones, you need to check out this list. -Rita

8. Must-watch Beauty & Fashion Vlogs
MsGoldGirl – Marnie Goldberg
Marnie is so much fun to watch. She not only reviews makeup and fashion, letting you know her favorite items, but she also includes Vlogs. These Vlogs allow you to follow her around day-to-day and get an insight into her life. Check her out! You won’t be disappointed! And, one more thing: she’s a mom! -Holly Jo

Pretty Shiny Sparkly – Kristina
Kristina works in the medical field; however, she uses YouTube as a way to connect with beauty and fashion. She’s cute, humble and very enjoyable to watch. I believe she is a doctor, as she always talks about completing her shift for on call. Her channel will make you smile! -Holly Jo

Jaclyn Hill
If you have ever watched a makeup tutorial, or anything makeup related on YouTube, you have probably seen Ms. Jaclyn. She is a makeup artist and has over 2 million followers. She’s really amazing at showing you how to apply makeup and which products to use. She also has an amazing personality and is a blast to watch! -Holly Jo

9. TAXES! Eeee!
Confession: I kind of get excited about tax season. It’s like a New Year’s bonus for us. Sure, there is some work involved, but it comes out in our favor. I’m curious, though, for any readers who own small businesses, how do you file your taxes? It’s becoming more common for people to have their own networking business, like myself, which means you don’t necessarily just receive employee W-2 forms. You want to file business expenses, etc. I’ve used TurboTax online since being married. I’m ready to get started this year, but am curious if anyone has other recommendations. Yes? No? Maybe? -Rita

10. Enjoy the Moment
A lot of people got snow in the last week. My social media was initially flooded with snow storm predictions and preparation. That was followed by excitement and pictures, which was quickly followed by everyone going on about wanting the snow to be gone; how over they were and how they hated being stuck at home. Time is so short and so are the seasons. Before we know it, spring will be here and then summer. Suddenly we’ll be excited about wearing boots and scarves again. Then we ask ourselves how the year passed so quickly. Enjoy the moments. Enjoy the snow fall and its magic. Take joy in an excuse to slow down instead of wishing it away. Hold on to the feeling upon first seeing the ground covered in white. Live in the moment, so you’ll have something to remember with a smile.


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