10 Things Tuesday: Leggings, Toddler Play, MLK & Instagram

1. My Hat-Loving Mini-Me
My daughter loves hats and I think it’s awesome… Because I am SUCH a hat person. Maybe that’s why she is all about hats, who knows… She’s always been OK with wearing them and since she was just over a year old she became obsessed with putting on any and all hats she could find. At well over 2, nothing has changed. She’s my mini-me! -Rita

2. My love affair with kid consignment sales
Who consignment shops for their child(ren)? Seriously… I am addicted, and the “spring” sale season is just around the corner. I particularly love it for clothing. You can find SO much hardly worn (or never worn) cute stuff for a fraction of the cost you would pay new. On top of that, you can sell your own stuff for money too. (WAY easier than putting on your own yard sale!) And clothes are just the beginning… toys, equipment, supplies, books…the list goes on and on! (Look for a future post diving into this topic further!) -Rita

3. Our problem: Dorothy’s excitement over our pitiful amount of snow
My poor Po-Dot. Again, the Bluegrass got snowfall… And again our accumulation was measly. There were some random spurts when the snow came down heavily and gave a decent dusting on the gravel road and shaded area, but it usually melted off within 20 minutes because the sun would come out. But my Dot kept saying, “There so much snow! It’s so boo-tiful!” Just wait my little one… just you wait… -Rita
Dot Snow

4. Our solution: Indoor snow
In an effort to give my little ones some “fun” in the snow, (and and attempt to save my sanity and give them some indoor entertainment) I found some packaging peanuts I’d saved pre-Christmas (in case of needing it) and gave them indoor snow. It really was not a huge amount, but for little people it worked. I dumped it all in a plastic storage tub and put them both in. It was a blast. Mom win! -Rita

5. My Mom Crush
I have to share one of my favorite Insta-Moms: MaLyn @MaLyn.Logic.  She also has a blog and just opened her own online shop of graphic tees that are super cute. MaLyn is a Texas mom of three who is obsessed with tacos and sodas from Sonic but is amazing about reporting the ups and downs of mom life while sharing the escapades of her spastic daily adventures. She keeps it real, but is so encouraging at the same time. Check her out. -Rita

6.Best 1st birthday gift ideas–GO!
My baby boy turns ONE in less than a month–WHA??? Where has the time gone??  I feel like I had Dorothy yesterday and now Jake will be one! But I digress… I need to enlist YOUR help. I don’t shower my little ones with gifts for multiple reasons, one being I don’t have the space. I am trying to figure out some quality ideas for a 1-year-old boy. Please weigh in if you have suggestions. We have plenty of toys from Dorothy who is just a little over 2… Not to mention Jake got plenty of Christmas gifts. What are some ideas WORTH investing in not to just have more toy clutter? Comment below! -Rita

7. Cozy warm scents in the home
Want your house to smell good, however don’t want to deal with smoke or fire?  Try using a wax warmer instead of a candle.  I found one from Big Lots for $5.00 and the scents from Wal-Mart are just as good as Scentsy and cost much less!  You only need to use one cube at a time.  I usually change it up and use a different scent each day.  Below is the wax warmer I got from Big Lots and my favorite scent from Walmart. -Holly Jowaxwarmerwax

8. If you’re a Lularoe fan…
My girlfriend and BFF got me these leggings for my birthday.  They are called Pink Republic, and let me tell you they are cutest, most comfortable and flattering leggings I have ever worn.  You can find them at Kohl’s  & Macy’s.  Check them out! -Holly Jo

9. @RollbackStyle
If you can’t tell, Jo & I grew up as Walmart girls. Sure, we love Target, but there are none in these parts, so Walmart was our go-to. Honestly, I think it gets the shaft some because of a stereotyped consumer. But you REALLY can be super trendy and save a ton shopping there. I love this Instagram account where two BFFs (Sound familiar?) in Cali show off their favorite Walmart finds that are great deals and so insanely cute you’d never guess they came from Walmart. -Rita

10. MLK Day… Belated?
Oops… We’re a day late… Sometimes in Mom-World, the days all blend together because they are all the same. Hope you did something in honor of the holiday. And remember, his message was not about race. It was about love and acceptance.


4 thoughts on “10 Things Tuesday: Leggings, Toddler Play, MLK & Instagram

  1. Kara

    Most of little.man’s first birthday gifts were clothes and books. We did get him this awesomely fun push toy, and someone else gave him this v-tech alphabet train that he still plays with. Also, Green Toys has some nice big vehicles that are eco-friendly, and fun to play with. Could also go with a Little People set.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dot’s been so jealous of her cousin Maya in Louisville… But we finally got some yesterday!!! I swear, her excitement upon seeing it out the window was a preview to what Christmas morning will be like one day (I hope!) Just wait ’til next year when Evelyn can play in it!:D


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