10 Things Tuesday: Netflix, Flats, Soup, & Cold Weather

1.  Friendly Carseat Safety Reminder!
Here in the Bluegrass State we had our first snow and actual frigid weather. (Much to Dot’s dismay, the snow here was only a dusting.) Just a friendly reminder to be extra aware of how you safely strap your kiddos into their carseats. Don’t strap the little ones in wearing their extra thick winter-gear. It’s just not possible to synch down the straps right.  -Rita

2. A new favorite toddler toy: Aquadoodle 
Dot got this awesome and simple toy for Christmas that we keep in the car. It’s simply a folder with a marker/pen that you fill with water. The brush soaks up the water and the board is made so the water application makes it like you’re writing/coloring.  It erases as it dries. No mess, simple to maintain, and takes up little space. For a kid who likes to color (or “take notes” like Dot), this is a gem! -Rita

3. Powerball tickets, wha??
Have you bought one for tomorrow’s drawing yet or did you buy previously? Seriously. Buy one. We did. You won’t win and neither will we, but It’s still a fun reason to have the conversation, “What would I do with all of that money?” -Rita

4. Daytime baths FTW
I’m becoming more and more fond of day-time baths, as opposed to bedtime bathing. For one, it’s a great activity both kids enjoy. Two, outside activities aren’t as easy at this time of year so baths can break up the indoor boredom.  Three, sometimes by the end of the day, if one of them isn’t grumpy, I am… Making bathtime a dreaded chore when I really just want to spend time with the hubs who is finally home. When do you prefer to do bath time? -Rita

5. Netflix Picks
Making a Murderer: Anyone else NOT want to watch it? I see all of the talk and I am not questioning it’s value/quality… I have no doubt I’d want to binge watch and then it’d be all I thought about. But I am just not up for that kind of entertainment to mess with my mind in my limited free time. I’ve been keeping things light on Netflix. Here are a few lighter things I’ve enjoyed lately:  -Rita
Slow Learners (You’ll laugh)
Stuck in Love (A lot of big names!)
Guidance (We almost bailed on this one… But it turned out entertaining)
My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend (Fun twist at the end)

6. Flashy Flats
Jazz up your boring outfit with a flashy pair of flats. It’s always great to have a pair of leopard or glittery flats to dress up your jeans and t-shirt outfit days. Below are so examples. They are on sale right now too!  -Holly Jo
Ann Taylor – Glitter Flats

Leopard Print Flat

7. Must-Have Toddler Bibs
If you have a toddler or child who is old enough to eat on his or her own, but not old to have manners, the Tommee Tippee bibs are a must-have. They catch all the food your little one drops so it doesn’t end up on their shirt or in their lap and you can wash it in the sink or dishwasher. Check them out! -Holly Jo

8. Our Groceries Shopping List App
This grocery store app is amazing. You can share lists with your husband and kids. When you go to the grocery you know exactly what to get! -Holly Jo

9. A Minor Confession
I had a really hard time packing my tree away. I actually did a good job de-Christmassing in a timely manner. I cleaned up the bulk of decorations before New Year’s. I left select items up through the Epiphany, and then packed it all away on the 7th. The tree itself, though, has built in white lights, and I really grew used to the mood lighting it created! (And it was actually my husband that finally packed it away, not me.) -Rita

10. Lentil Soup
And going full circle back to things this cold weather brought about… Soup! Nothing sounds better than snuggling up with soup and crackers when the temperatures begin to bite. Ever had lentil soup? (Ever heard of a lentil?) I know I grew up in a “crunchy” environment, but this Laurel’s Kitchen recipe for Greek Lentil Soup is as easy-peasy as it gets and it’s SO delish! -Rita


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