One Simple Change: ‘Dem Abs

New Year! New You!

That’s what they say right?

Something like that…

So over the last two weeks, I’ve seen everyone’s thoughts on New Year’s goals, resolutions, commitments, etc. If three decades on this earth has taught me anything it’s this: the excitement and focus we have NOW on those things… is not going to be there come June. (Eh…it’ll probably be gone by mid-February when Valentine’s Day sweets show up, amiright?)

I’ve had New Year’s goals ranging from working out to leisure reading. And if you have a goal–by all means–go for it! I’ll be your biggest cheerleader. But I need something more reasonable.

That’s when it hit me: One Simple Change.

This is actually a campaign used with my Juice Plus+ business to encourage bettering wellness and healthy lifestyles. It’s amazing what committing to one SMALL thing can do for us.

Seriously, what’s more realistic:

“I’m cutting out all sugars in 2016!”


“I’ll eat one fresh fruit or vegetable every day for 30 days.”

30 days? We can do anything for a measly 30 days, right?

You can read more here, but the moral of the story is… Together, Holly Jo and I are going to commit to “One Simple Change” each month, rather than coming up with humdinger resolutions for 2016. We’ll let you know at the beginning of each month what our plan is in our blog/vlog and we will also report on how the previous month’s commitment went.

Jo’s January commitment is organization. She’s not waiting for Spring… She’s cleaning now. And shouldn’t we all, after the holidays? I mean, all the new STUFF… Time to get organized! So she’s committing to one organizational project each week for the month of January, and believe me… When you have little ones, organization is CRUCIAL. (You just can’t let yourself go crazy when you have reorganize the toys 20x a day!) You can hear more about Holly Jo’s One Simple Change for January in her Vlog here.

Me? Call me stereotypical but my focus this month is fitness related. A stranger would never guess I was once an avid runner who competed at the collegiate level and even spearheaded the start of her high school’s cross country team. (Unless they spotted me sporting my Bellarmine track sweats–which, yes, I still wear.)

My last race was two years ago this March, the Run The Bluegrass 7-miler. Although, I admittedly did not train for it. Before that I can’t really tell you and my regular routine running stopped when I moved out of Louisville in 2011. Eeek!

But I know to be realistic with my goal… [KEYWORD: SIMPLE… One SIMPLE Change]

Running in the middle of nowhere is challenging, especially in the winter. (Winter = Cold!!) The options are limited to gravel roads or fields…or driving somewhere. Take that obstacle and add in the fact you have two kids that can’t be left alone. Running would involve commitment from someone besides myself. (READ: My husband. I’d have to work with his schedule. That makes things a little less ‘simple’.)

Instead I’m focusing on ‘DEM ABS!

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away… I was referred to as “The Ab Nazi”…

Yep… One of the Bellarmine coaches dubbed me that my freshman season. During our post-practice workouts in the gym, I insisted on doing abs before heading for dinner and certain exercises I did required a partner so I was always twisting someone’s arm to join me.

Ah, the good ol’ days! Alas… That was many miles and two babies ago… Those abs have been stretched six ways to Sunday since.

And now that it’s been nearly a year since Jacob’s birth, I can’t let it go any longer. I need this tummy of mine to get itself in check.

So…. In comes: The Ab Roller!

Sad to admit, we got this simple device about nine months ago, I think… I’ve used it hit and miss but with no real routine or plan, but this month that changed!

My simple goal is do an workout with the ab roller once a day. If I do more–fantastic! If not, I’ll have done my duty simply by using the roller.

I’m hoping doing this for 30 days will make it enough of a habit that I continue past January, but let’s keep our eyes on the current prize: 30 Days.

Are you a mom trying to get in shape from home? I’d LOVE to know how you do it. Leave your tips and tricks in the comments.

Also, what are you New Year’s goals or resolutions? We would love to hear them to inspire some of our future One Simple Change goals.

Cheers and Happy New Year, friends!


Check out Holly Jo & the Vlog now!


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