7 Bargain Shopping Tips: Keeping it Trendy

So my super-awesome-blogging partner in this LSM adventure is off and running and posted an EXCELLENT video on finding bargains and deals. I’m the slacker and am behind on blogging, but her tips are so excellent I HAVE to share some of the info here in a quick summary…

But watch the video, she can tell the best tricks there.

I know, I know… There are probably a zillion how-to’s on this topic, but seriously, if you want advice on it from someone, Jo knows and she gives you the top tips in less than 5 minutes.

 She’s the queen bee when it comes to fashion, style and making everything in her life look good (despite having a 2 year old and 5-month-old!)

BUT paying top dollar is NOT something she is into and you’d just never know it to look at her…her house… her kids… or anything about her.

If anyone knows that paying full price is a scam, it’s her. She worked retail at some high end stores and quickly learned how marked up items are to start, how deals work, and just how low the cost can be if you shop right.

Watching the video is best, but here’s a quick run-down on Jo’s tips.



1. Look on pages 2 and 3 of your Google Search
Page one has sponsored Links…Sponsored = Someone paid money to be there = They want more money from you!

2. Use online resources to find any available coupons:

3. Wait to shop on Thursday or Friday
Most companies will start a sale Thursday or Friday before the weekend.

4. Find free shipping deals
Look for a site with Free Shipping or wait for Free Shipping, as it’s a common deal.

5. Shop Brick & Mortar if possible
In-store shopping will bring for random but amazing deals because of needing to clear items out of stock rooms.

6. Use In-Store Coupons
Use the app Shopular to find in-store coupons.

7. Online Factory/Outlet stores
See if your favorite stores & brands have online factory outlets.

Here are some of Jo’s favorite brands & shops–and don’t let the big names scare you off… They all regularly have 40%+ Off sales, coupons and even free shipping deals:
J. Crew
Banana Republic 

See the video on our Vlog here!

Happy Shopping!


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